Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Beginings

My morning journal says this is day three, as it's the third day in our little cottage. Making a big move after more than ten years has been both dramatic and transformative. I've begun a deeper practice of meditation, study and journaling, first thing every morning. This is good. And I'll post more about the revelations from that journey, perhaps tomorrow.

But the "New Beginnings" that inspired this entry came from our "Sacred Commerce" group which met just yesterday. Maja shared about desiring to begin a 365 day journey journal/blogspot. And today, sweet Sister Joyce, began a 30 day journal journey.

So, feeling supported by my mighty, inspiring companions, here I go. I'm intending to journal my spiritual journey each morning as I go within and discover the deeper chambers of my soul that are inspired by Carolyn Myss's Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul.

And, I want to commit to journaling another aspect of my life. Joyce calls it "30 Days of Being With My Natural Energy". I feel I can really commit to leading a healthy lifestyle in little chunks of time like this. Last year I did well for a few months in an OA-90 program. I loved my sponsor. But weighing and measuring my meals was over the top for me. I don't have the staimna... actually, I'm not as willing to surrender as other OA members seem to be. So this is my opportunity to follow Joyce's lead, to be with my "Natural Energy" rather than the energy, comfort, etc. that I usually derive from food and sweets.

I am so blessed! And I give thanks, that I have this wonderful, metaphorical, opportunity to create a new home here in our cottage and a new beginning for my health and wellness. And I am so grateful to my sweet sisters in our Sacred Commerce group!

Sweet blessings,

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