Saturday, July 18, 2009

Even Tinier Walks still count

It was a lovely, lovely day. I attended Peggy Black's collage class and made six new Soul Collage cards. Wonderful to be in the artfull altered state all day. I'll post the cards soon.

Then a long visit with Brit, her dad, and dad's girlfriend... so it was late and hot when we got back home. We ate watching a movie... then I remembered... I haven't taken my walk. The struggle was prepared to begin... but the struggle never rose... it was an easy choice. I WANTED TO TAKE MY WALK!


It was a tiny walk because I was/am very tired. But at least up the block and back at a fast pace. I know, in time, the distance and duration will increase. Right now, I'm thankful that a shift is happening and movement is becoming important.

Blessings, Chris


  1. I'm happy for you this day, Chris. A shift towards wellness was worse to not walk than to walk. Hurray!

    xoxox Joyce

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