Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Well, I'm busy working in my shop these past three days, but want to take a moment to express extreme gratitude for the bounty, lessons, and blessings of 2012. For 2013 I invite you to seek JOY!

And just to put a smile on your face, here are my angels, Molly (St Bernard) and Lulu (Basset Hound), doing what they usually do.

Happy New Year, and Sweet Blessings, Chris

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sweet little Devotional Pouches

Guess I get bored easy. So today I changed gears, just a little, and created some sweet Devotional Pouches. Perfect for gift giving, your prayer or rosary beads, or other small Sacred Objects.

Most measure 4x6", made from vintage hankies, laces, and silk images of Mother Mary. All are available on my Etsy Shop.

I'm seriously considering taking a space in a local artisan's collective (even though I own an Antique collective). I love making Devotional art. I had to stop making Gypsy Carpet Bag and boho purses two months ago because I created 20, and that's kind of a lot! (I did sell four in my shop though!) The manager saw my purse and gave me a resounding YES! So, I'm thinking this will be a good outlet for my desire to keep on creating.

I'm scheduled to work in my store the last three days of the month, so, if I don't post again, I send you my love, prayers, and Sweet Blessings for a Wonderful New Year.
xoxo Chris

Sweet and Simple Prayer Book #3

(Please remember, every comment enters you to win my 
Birthday Bundle on the New Moon, January 11th.)

When I started making these lacy prayer books, I was going for simplicity, to let Holy Mary's image speak. But I keep picking up more laces, hankies, vintage dresses.... "oh," I think to myself, "this feels right here." And "Let's see how this would look." Actually, honestly, I don't think much at all. I can never remain in meditation for long without tons of thoughts cascading through my mind. But when I give myself to creating these sacred books, no thoughts. hmmmm

So, I went for simplicity with this smaller book. It's about 3x4" and all machine sewn, except for the pearly trim on the front cover. I enjoyed playing with my machines crazy quilt stitches. Had to be very careful when sewing back to back, that the stitches don't cover some important pieces of lace.

I used trims from vintage hankies on this little prayer book too.

 These pictures look washed out.... I think because I used the close-up lens to keep my shadow out of the picture. I do better with sewing machines over cameras!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Prayer Keeper Lace Book #2.....

I felt so enthused and inspired after my first Prayer Keeper book, I feel a deep impulse to keep creating them. And, for some reason, I've been drawn to working with sepia tones. I'm usually Gypsy oriented in my love of vivid, deeply saturated colors. The only color I've added to this is a very soft salmon/pink. Well, here are the pictures..... (sorry about the shadow at the bottom of each pic.)
SOLD (Thank you Nicki Lee!)
Front cover...there is a deep pocket on the left side of this, roomy enough to hold a small prayer book or journal.
 First spread....You'll notice more pockets in this book. Plus, I cut into several vintage dresses, so you'll see some beautiful laces.
 Each spread has at least one pocket.

 The second spread... you can see the delicate fabric on the left. It's actually the sleeve and cuff from what is probably a Victorian era dress. The lining is shredding, but the gauzy voile on top holds it together. I had that bodice for so many years. I'm happy it's found a sacred home.
 The pink ribbon is from a roll dated 1919! The lace applique pocket and string of flowers are new... but they all blend beautifully. Oh, and I just discovered this new stitch on my machine! I love it!
 Lots of lace, gauze, and even a piece of vintage hanky.
 Final spread....
 The two lace squares make the pocket on this page. And one of the few remaining roses from my 1919 stash.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Prayer Beads Keeper Devotional Lace Book

This Devotional book has been in my mind for some time.... I'll let the pictures speak....
 The pocket on the left side is where you hold your Prayer Beads or perhaps tuck in a special prayer.

Sending you love and sweet blessings, May your Holiday Season bring you deep peace and harmony in your life.
PS Leave a comment to be entered in my Birthday Bundle Giveaway!

Friday, December 21, 2012

A January New Moon Birthday Bundle Giveaway!

Last year at this time I gifted some altered art to celebrate my 65 (!!) birthday. I loved gifting things... and I loved the comments on my blog. So, I'm gifting this little crazy quilt (or altered art) bundle of treasures. Just leave a comment, become a follower, and you're in the drawing! And, you're welcome to enter as many times as you want, just leave different comments please. I'll use the random number thingy to draw your lucky name on the New Moon, January 11th. They say the New Moon is a time for new beginnings, as is the month of January. So hopefully, this little bundle will inspire you to create something new!

Included, 8 Mother Mary sepia images printed on silk, and 12 pieces of vintage and new lace, doily, and a little bundle of vintage buttons.

Last two page inserts....

Pages 14 and 15 are now complete (now awaiting handwork)...
Page 14, I covered a piece of deep upholstery fabric with brown lace from a vintage dress. I'll be adding some silk flowers. the pocket is also from a vintage dress, Venise lace, and a LOVELY PHOTO (from Marie at Lost Bird Studio) printed on silk. Marie does amazing work and is one of my favorite inspirations! Check out her blog and see for yourself! The piece of lace at the bottom has been in my stash for years. Time to commit it to something beautiful.
 I cut apart a doily for page 15, to make a deep pocket for prayer cards. It's kind of boring at the moment, but I'll be embellishing!!! The crochet lace/ribbon across the bottom is the VERY LAST piece I've been gingerly using over the last few years. Sad to depart with it, the raised rosettes are so lovely.
Now, I'm working on the cover, but I wont reveal that until the book is finished. Still have ALL of the handwork to do! Then, sewing in the signatures.
Happy Stitching and Sweet Blessings, Chris

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Four more pages...

Ah... I had most of yesterday in my sewing studio, tucked under the protection of my giant Redwoods! Didn't have a clue what I was going to create... then my supplies started jumping into my hands saying 'pick me' - 'use me' - and - 'I'll be perfect there!"

So here are the four new pages.
The sweet image was printed on silk. The fabrics are from vintage dresses, and the little crochet pocket... well, I think it was to put on the bottom of a glass? This is what popped off my shelf and said 'use me, I'll be perfect here'.
 This page I created to be placed opposite of the above page. Originally, this needle point was to be incorporated into one of my gypsy purses.... but it really looks great here.
 I love the way the silk took my inkjet color on  Mother Mary. I rediscovered several purple-ish dresses in a drawer... Handy scissors and here we go.
 More fabric from the purple-ish dresses.... the pocket here is actually a purple tulle over an orange silk, embroidered with sequins and a metallic thread. Made for a nice pocket.
 These two little treasure bags I made on Sunday. Used vintage doilies and trims. So much fun. I'm not having much luck selling things on my etsy site... but they are for sale if anyone is interested. ($20 each)