Sunday, August 29, 2010

Folk Art meets Gut Art!

Two of my very favorite artists and tutors are Mystele and PJ Hornberger.  Mystele has taught me how to let go and paint from the gut. And PJ, well her humor and laughter has accompanied many videos from how to doodle to a look around her folk art studio.  (Check out both of these artists for their amazing talent and inspiration!)

So, at the beach a few days ago, up popped these few ladies. I'm calling them the "Six Sisters of Serendipity." Oh, yes, I know they don't have faces. Faces are hard, hard, hard for me. I can do them, but it takes me forever... so I'm trying to convey personality by the tilt of the head, or by the style of their outfits.

Then, playing around with some folk art paints... I wasn't really painting on a rubber tub. I stopped at Joann's on the way camping and picked up a huge book of papers for less than half price. So, clothing these three ladies was like playing paper dolls... except I was battling against the ocean winds! Mytelle would grunge these up a bit I'm sure... but then, I also liked the clean, crisp, folk artish look. Actually, it was all very intentional, not so from-the-gut, but Mystele has helped me learn to loosen way up!

Then, yesterday was a wonderful dinner out with friends, celebrating both Kathleen and Darleen's birthdays... both are dealers in my shop, so it was a fun afternoon creating their gifts.  I love playing around with the papers to create interesting outfits. I took a photo of our shop, taken during the 4th of July parade, and created their destination. To save time, I printed their little blurbs on my computer.  Both friends loved their paintings, but I had to bring them home to put the hangers on.


  1. You are a true sweet heart. Thank you so much for the kind words, and for visiting my world. Now to look at yours.... this is a happy place...

  2. aiiii! love it...this is so cool- using clothing and body language for expression. wonderful!!!


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