Sunday, June 29, 2008



What was I thinking yesterday when I wrote that! I was just inspired by some great words from Unity Daily Word.... it's not until today, that I look deeper into EXACTLY what KNOWING FULLNESS means.

Yesterday, it was about Unity, community, the support of others on the path, what ever that path might be. But today, as I read some email and comments in response, I really am taking a look at what it means to know fullness.

I experienced real hunger pains yesterday afternoon. I had worked 6 or 7 hours listing on ebay, I was tired (key), and I hadn't had a proper breakfast or lunch (another key). I was feeling sorry for myself having to work weekends (key).... Of course I'd feel hunger pains, I was running on empty....

hmmmm, funny how the Universe gives us messages on multiple levels. What if I had just taken the time to meditate on the FULLNESS of my life! How full I am with my fabulous family, amazing Granddaughter that I get to raise! We have a beautiful 2 acres in the Redwoods. We are healthy! We have a roof over our heads. I get to play with art. ...and there is just so much more!

My FULLNESS is all about GRATITUDE for the Gifts God's given.

hmmmm, I'll have to think about that next time I feel that panic hunger.... plus, I might try a little more BALANCE! in my life!

Thank you God/Goddess for the wake up!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Knowing fullness.

Did you know that Unity still publishes it's "Daily Word". For the last twenty years, I have referred to this fabulous daily affirmation when it's been time for soul searching or a need for inspiration. Back in the early 1980's, when I was an Activities Director, Program Director, for several Senior Citizen groups and nursing homes... I would read the Daily word and use it as a spring board for our discussions. During the years of leading Spiritually Oriented Singles and Conscious Connections groups and retreats (in the 90's), again, I could always count on the Daily Word for inspiration when my well seemingly went dry.

So why haven't I "kept in touch".... not a clue. Because, this morning, I felt I need to blog something... buy my well seems dry (get the word "seems"). I know it never is.... but I googled good old Unity Daily word and here's what today is about:

Daily Word — Saturday, June 28, 2008

United in Spirit
Together we know completeness. We are one in Spirit.
Though we are individuals living unique lives, we are united in a oneness of Spirit. We celebrate and dedicate ourselves to a lifetime of continued respect and consideration.
I value you and the qualities you bring to our commitment. In this union, I am inspired by the caring and giving that have attracted me to you. I am led to emulate these and mirror your goodness back to you.
Together we do not fill emptiness but know fullness. Our attraction is God-guided. Our actions are God-blessed.
Our intentions define a life we treasure.
We are aware of each other's presence-spiritual as well as physical-whether in the same room or miles apart.
Together we are stronger.
Together we are more: more expressive,
more giving, more loving.
I am blessed in loving you.
"What God has joined together, let no one separate."-Matthew 19:6

Well..... oh my gosh! This last week I've been exploring "FA" an AA style group for food addiction. Been to just one meeting.... but spent this last week soul searching. Then, yesterday I had coffee with a dear friend (have to keep it anonymous) and she really inspired me by sharing her story. Then we visited an AA Fellowship meeting, since she was traveling and wanted a dose of 12-step stuff. Well, all through the week... this theme of UNITY has been springing up! It's the connection that keeps us empowered... as in "together we are stronger".

And then there is my new Yahoo group affiliation with the Mandala Oasis.... it's a small group, and oh so spiritually intimate! And there is most deffinately a sense of UNITY within this fabulous group, thank you Cheryl for starting it.

So, to wrap it up....
Together we do not fill emptiness
but know fullness

What more can be said!
Love and Blessings

Monday, June 23, 2008

After Glow....

IMG_0413-1.jpg IMG_0413.JPG picture by stevenandlindaestrada
I'm still feeling warm all over from the fabulous wedding and gathering of our relatives on Saturday. I love my brother-in-law with all my heart and I'm so glad that he's found such a wonderful woman. So I had to post at least one photo. While there are many fabulous photos this one, with Steve holding his arms in the air.... just touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes. It's been three and a half years since my sister passed, and Steve has been the best husband in the world... and now he's moved on. I just know that he and Linda will have a long, happy life. They both have had their share of dark days.... now it's time to feel joy and have FUN! God Bless Steve and Linda!
PS the darling girl to the right of Steve is my fabulous niece Lisa!

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's FRIDAY already!!

"Willing to Grow"

How the week has flown by. My brother-in-law Steve and his Bride Linda have been on my mind. Tonight is the rehearsal and tomorrow is the Wedding Day. and it's ALL PURE JOY! I am so happy for them, and I'm looking forward to the magic of the next 48 hours. I'm so thrilled to be part of the family!!

So, before I'm off, I wanted to post this week's mandalas... I started by making three tiny ATC (artist trading card) sized in water color. They are somewhat frustrating because the work is so small and hard to control. But it's easy... there's a wide variety of colors.... and it's the process that is meditative and draws me inward.... creating something like peace and calmness.

Then I branched out onto bigger drawing paper using sharpies... not at all happy with the first one,
but then the one I entitled "Willing to Grow" felt really good. My granddaughter really got into the metaphysical feelings.... and I really love gazing at it.

It's been really fun, grabbing a few minutes here and there to relax and draw mandalas....
For now, I have some ebay listing stuff to do, then packing for our overnighter for the rehearsal, dinner and wedding tomorrow. I'll post pictures!
Love and Blessings to all!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Remembering Dad

The first thing on my mind this morning was my father. Sadly, he passed over 10 years ago and I miss him madly. I've written just a few of my memories of dad.. and I've included a few scrapbook pages I'm putting together for my brother. (If you have any comments, or memories of my dad or your dad, I'd love to read them.)

Dad had so many names! Corkie, Gordon, Russ! He was called Corkie as a toddler when he put his pants on backwards. That name stuck with him most of his life! It was at his work at Ampex that he picked up the nickname Russ.

My dad was always the kid of guy who let my mom do most of the talking. I'd call and he'd say "Hi Honey, let me get your mother"... When my mom passed in 1988 my dad began to talk. And talk, and talk.... I loved hearing his stories about growing up in Wisconsin. Or about how he learned carpentry from watching builders construct houses in Millbrae where he would watch on his lunch hour. He was delivering milk for Borden's then. I remember wrestling on the living room floor, him carrying me and my little brother and sister on his shoulders.... he was really buffed from all the lifting and carrying milk.

Dad was born in Richland Center Wisconsin and was raised by his grandmother Mamie. I was lucky that he took us on yearly train trips to visit. Grandma Mamie canned everything, had a fabulous dark cellar full of jars, and she made home made donuts! After Grandma Mamie passed away, the trips were fewer. But dad had a wonderful time on his 50th class reunion. Aunt Janice had a huge billboard put up to say "Welcome Home Gordon"... he couldn't believe it was for him!

Dad enlisted (right out of high school) in the Navy during WWII and served in Midway, working on submarines. It was on leave in San Francisco that he met my mom at the USO dance. That's when their letter writing began. Dad and mom left letters and notes to each other their entire marriage. One of my most cherished belongings is the letter dad wrote to mom when she was in the hospital at my birth... writing about how much he loved his girls.

After the war, dad came home to my mom, they married withing the week and settled in San Francisco. On their honeymoon trip he took mom to Wisconsin.

Jobs were scarce so he took a job with the Muni (municipal transportation), then an opportunity opened at Bordens Milk. He moved us from the city to the "country", San Mateo, in the early 1950's and began his study of electronics by home course. On the side he opened a TV repair business. Then a huge opening for him came when Ampex hired him. Dad loved his job at Ampex and everyone loved him! Both my brother and I were fortunate to have also worked at Ampex where my dad's reputation for being a great guy was shared through the years.

They called my dad "Mr Perfect"... if something was broken, my dad could fix it.... the right way. He was a perfectionist about doing things "the right way" the first time. He had a wonderful shop, full of repaired tools. After his retirement he was known as the "garage sale" guy. He'd buy broken down tools or garden equipment (mowers, shredders, clippers, etc.)... and yearly he'd have a sale of his own. He had quite a following of guys who looked forward to his sales! I helped him at his last few sales... the men loved him and would hang around all day just to chat (or find out how to fix things!).

Dad either walked or rode his bike all around Menlo Park and his neighbors loved him. Oh... another funny thing. After my mom passed dad began collecting.... wood ducks, clocks, and of course there were hundreds of antique tools.

And whistling! I'll never forget the sound of his whistle to "White Christmas"... he could do that trill thing.... just amazing. They used to say he looked like Frank Sinatra back in the 1940's. And he sang like Bing Crosby. Dad loved his music.... the "real" music before rock and roll. And he loved to dance.... he was known for his jitterbug. Dad and Mom were always singing.... besides "You are my Sunshine", one of my favorites was "My little red rooster".
I love my rooster, my rooster loves me
My little red rooster, by the old oak tree
My little red rooster, goes cock a doodle doo
Ah doodle lee doodle lee, doodle lee, doodle lee dooo.

Funny little song... feels so happy, so simple. Little did I know it would stay with me for years and years!

Dad was a convert.... raised Baptist, inspired by my mom, he came to the Catholic faith while he was in the Navy. I still have the recommendation and character reference from his Baptist pastor that was required for conversion at that time. And I have his daily Missle. Dad was devout throughout his whole life. He even kept a rosary in his car. Every week after my mom passed, Dad would go to Holy Cross Cemetary and say a rosary at her grave. (He kept a lawn chair in the back of his car so he could be comfortable)... and he even became friends with other widowers who followed the same routine.

In his last hour, Dad had been in a deep sleep, the priest was called, and we all were around his bed saying the rosary.... from that deep sleep, he opened his eyes and looked far off, like he was looking at my mom... and recited the rosary with us. A short time later he was gone.

But really only gone in the physical form. I feel my dad's presence around me constantly. I talk to him, or rather he talks to me, usually reminding me to "do it the right way" and "don't wait till later, do it now"... AND HIS HUMOR!!

A few months after he died, my friend Toni spent the night and in the morning said she heard a rooster crowing about 2:00am! I told her she was nuts. Later, when we moved to this house and set up my computer room, now in the middle of the house, we heard a rooster crow at 2am!! Dad had a little clock he kept at his computer that would crow.... don't ask me why at 2am! Well, we reset the clock, and now (still, 10 years later) every morning at 9:00 am, a little electronic roosters crows "cock a doodle doo"... and I hear my dad "Ah doodle lee doodle lee doodle lee doooo".

I love you dad, and I miss you. Thank you so much for touching my life.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Morning Mandala

What a fabulous morning. I'm up early (of course) and have been playing around with a Cemetery Angel photo I took this spring at Holy Cross Cemetery. I love that place... not only for the rich childhood memories coming from an Irish Catholic family... there is just something so spiritually rich, alive and soulful.

My grandmother's grave is actually up on a hill, under a pine tree, looking West out over a valley of Cemetery Angels with the coastal mountains beyond. Sometimes in my meditation, I go there just to breathe and feel my connection to my ancestors. So.... I decided to play with my angel picture and fool around with Photoshop. I have so much to learn!! but it was fun just getting to this stage.

Then... to top off my morning, my new sister-in-law to be, Linda, wrote me a deeply touching email about her family, her sisters passing at such a young age. My sister passed three years ago and Linda is marrying my
brother-in-law Steve, a week from today! She took out some time for deep reflections this morning and shared them with me. I feel so touched and honored by her sweetness.... right in the middle of all the wedding preparations! I get to say something during the ceremony... and her musings this morning have inspired me. I just feel so full of joy and happiness that Steve and Linda have found each other and that I have an opportunity to enjoy a rich relationship with them both. (Here's a picture of them.)

So, thank you God/Goddess, for this wonderful day....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tidbits of Time

Interesting what can be done in just a few stolen minutes. I have to sneak time this morning after taking off for our short trip earlier this week. Lots of catch up. My goal is to have at least 100 items on ebay at all times. A Mighty Goal... but a necessary one! (Our medical just got raised $700 a month... !) "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill jumped off my bookshelf last night... so I'll see what inspirations can assist me in keeping up with the economic times...

but, I that's not what inspired me this morning. I've been loving the trunkie looking Redwood I posted yesterday and have been wanting to "mandala-ize" it. So, this is just my start. I'll keep working on it when I can snitch other snippets of time. But that's the JUICE that keeps me going!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rested, restored and returning...

I am rested this morning, as we are about to return from our sweet little trip. Brit and her friends have joyfully exhausted themselves swimming and just being kids. I've read two "fluff" novels, created a few mandalas, plus some uplifting spiritual studies. Enjoying beginning "Wide Open Spaces" by Jim Palmer, who says... "if you think you've got God figured out, think again!" While rested, I am still grappling with the negativity that is trying to worm its pathetic way into my consciousness. (I will have to fill my tank at $4.35 a gallon!) Oh my gosh... there are so many horrid things that can pull me off my spiritual path... oh,... I started to list them here and realized that just in the calling out, the burden of the negativity is too much. I turn instead to the uplifting beauty of my morning readings: Divine Principle brings out all Harmony Truth has a healing effect, even when not fully understood Love is the only force that transforms Whew... that's a bit to chew on today, as I return home from our short trip away. I'm rested, yet I look at the appearances of today, I could let appearances pull me into the abyss. So I focus my thoughts and actions on Spiritual Principle... I will work, watch and pray for the Mind of Christ, to work rightly in God's vineyards as My Life is being lived from a new basis... all things are becoming new as I turn my thoughts toward the light. So I head home, to the majestic light filtering through God's Redwoods... joyful that I exist in conscious harmony with All. Thank you God/Goddess!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

New pics... not cut off!

I'm still learning how to post pictures! Hopefully, these will show the full picture!

Oak Tree Inspirations....

Oh my... It's a LOVELY morning here at Windsor, about one hour north of San Francisco. I've got three sleeping teenagers in their bedrooms, probably for hours yet. But, being the early bird I am, I've been up and creating since 5:30. I took a picture of a Mighty Oak, the view outside my condo patio. I waited until the early morning sun illuminated the outer branches. There is something so powerful about this tree!

MANDALATREE.jpg picture by bouldercreekantiquesandart

So, I played around with it in photoshop and found it wasn't too hard to make a beautiful, and powerful, Mandala!MANDALA16-9-08.jpg picture by bouldercreekantiquesandart

Then I took it a few more steps and began playing around... I don't know which one I love the most! There's something to be said for leaving Mother Nature as she is.... but I LOVE the results here.... (comments? which do you like best?)
MANDALA26-9-08.jpg picture by bouldercreekantiquesandart

So, with this, I say Good Morning World... Good Morning Dear Friends!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

Oh, and it is a beautiful morning. I especially love it when I remember to and make the choice to sit in my mediation chair as the morning sprinklers make that swooshing, chic, chic, swoosh... as it circulates water to my thirsty tomato plants. I have just a bit of yard that gets a few hours of hot sun... so this year, I've decided to plant there. Never have had tomatoes come to fruition before the frost... but this year is different. Even with all the negativity, gas prices, economy, etc.... I'm keeping my eyes focused on Truth, Love and Beauty. It just makes my world go so much more smoothly. I'm looking forward to today and tomorrow because I'm taking three teenagers to one of our resorts near the Russian River. I'm planning on lots of time to just relax on the deck and read and write. Been reading a really fun book "The Traveling Funeral", recommended by my friend Mary... very inspiring and fun to read. Taking time to read fun "fluff" is an important part of taking care of myself. Something else that's been hanging on the outer edges of my "want to do someday" consciousness is the making of Mandalas. At the SoulCollage conference two years ago, I was inspired by an artist who says she does little pieces of art every evening to meditate and go to sleep with. I thought then, that making mandalas would be such a fabulous interceptor between me and the day I had just completed... an oasis in which I could fall into deep, soulful dreaming. Well, I made one.... Then my friend Cheryl popped up with her Mandala Oasis group!!! Wow, thank you Cheryl. You continue to touch and bless me! So, yesterday, after a huge day of working my eBay business.... I was only going to gather supplies to take on this little trip, but thought I'd at least make a few circles to work with. Then I decided to play with my compass, then to color with my Sharpies... and suddenly I had created a really fun Mandala. It was just so calming to make! and playing with the compass was a learning, fun experience. I would have loved about 20 more Sharpie colors though. So here are both the Mandalas I have made so far. I'm loving it! Thank you Cheryl, thank you Mother Father, God Goddess! Life is good when you open your eyes to God's Love and Truth! Blessings, Chris
PS the Mandala with the light purple background was done on water color paper, silver pen, sharpies, then water color out the outsides. I gave the Mandala itself, a layer of encaustic (bee's wax)... I love the feel of the encaustic and the heavy weight of the watercolor paper. The Mandala with the dark blue background was made on a lighter sketching paper. The colors did go through (I used a waxed paper underneath). I'm happy with the look, but I like the weight of the watercolor paper best.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


The morning is so beautiful, even when enshrouded with fog and dew, and a slight chill to the air. It is June 1st, Spring is here, and the world is bursting with new life... even as gas prices climb, war continues, and the world seems a messy place.... it's with the child's mind or the beginner's mind, that the good is focused upon, and that Good brings sweet peacefulness within. If we each could walk with inner harmony....

Here are some of the fabulous inspirations from Mary Baker Eddy, that inspired me to have a wonderful day yesterday.... actually, I picked up these jewels from the back of her book under the chapter heading "Fruitage"... I LOVE THAT! I'm so enjoying her way with words that seem to lift my consciousness, just as a piece of art or music can life me and carry me to another realm. Fruitage is full of letters from believers of Truth, about how their lives have changed. Amazing to me that these letters were all written over 100 years ago!

Here are the jewels I cherish....

...I want to work, watch and pray for and through the Mind of Christ...
...To work rightly in God's vineyards...
...I turn my thoughts toward the light...
...the warmth and light attract me more and more...
...Soul sense yields to Divine Mind, mortals need Spiritual sense...

Well... I could go on and on... but I'll save more for another day.

Today's positive thought....
I am filled with the love and light and warmth of Divine Mind. I go into this day with refreshed mental attitude, thanksgiving and joy. I expect to see through the Mind of God. Each interaction is an opportunity to allow God's love to flow through me. I am humble, blessed and full of joy.

Thank you God, Divine Mind