Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rested, restored and returning...

I am rested this morning, as we are about to return from our sweet little trip. Brit and her friends have joyfully exhausted themselves swimming and just being kids. I've read two "fluff" novels, created a few mandalas, plus some uplifting spiritual studies. Enjoying beginning "Wide Open Spaces" by Jim Palmer, who says... "if you think you've got God figured out, think again!" While rested, I am still grappling with the negativity that is trying to worm its pathetic way into my consciousness. (I will have to fill my tank at $4.35 a gallon!) Oh my gosh... there are so many horrid things that can pull me off my spiritual path... oh,... I started to list them here and realized that just in the calling out, the burden of the negativity is too much. I turn instead to the uplifting beauty of my morning readings: Divine Principle brings out all Harmony Truth has a healing effect, even when not fully understood Love is the only force that transforms Whew... that's a bit to chew on today, as I return home from our short trip away. I'm rested, yet I look at the appearances of today, I could let appearances pull me into the abyss. So I focus my thoughts and actions on Spiritual Principle... I will work, watch and pray for the Mind of Christ, to work rightly in God's vineyards as My Life is being lived from a new basis... all things are becoming new as I turn my thoughts toward the light. So I head home, to the majestic light filtering through God's Redwoods... joyful that I exist in conscious harmony with All. Thank you God/Goddess!!

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