Wednesday, January 23, 2013


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Sew, to the point.... (sew, get it?) I struck gold yesterday! totally ran out of thread, and my favorite fabric shop -HARTS- was getting rid of these four sample books!  WhooHoo! What would you do with them?


  1. What a great windfall! You will find lots of uses for these...they will work wonderfully for your pages.

  2. Awesome! I use mine in crazy quilting. You can also use them as quick blocks for a simple throw quilt to tie and give as a gift.

  3. Perfect for the ATC's or fabric postcards, you can also make tags with then, use them for handbags, a base for embroidery, or patch quilts.

  4. What an excellent gift Chris. They look like they could make excellent foundation pages for journals, collages and crazy patchwork used in bags.
    x Suzy

  5. what project will you start on 1st? how exciting!! what a great find. lucky for you. ( :

  6. I found you before the blog party and became a follower then.

    Your lace books are beautiful.




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