Friday, January 25, 2013

A busy week....

I love a busy week, don't you? Busy doing my passion, that is! I was commissioned to make two Rosary Keepers and one Sacred Bag.... so here they are. (Remember too, you can still leave comments on this posting to be entered in the giveaway on Feb. 1st.)

The first one is on a linen base, covered with Wedding dress lace....
The front shows the lovely Dior roses I learned from Lila!

 A piece of a Christening dress, holy medal, and some of the beautiful vintage silk organza.

 The second one is on a base of velvet...
 You can't quite see the pocket on the solid velvet. It felt like the tiny Mother Mary medal stood out on its own, without ribbons, or trims.

And, here is the front of the Sacred Bag. The Angel picture is one I painted, then printed on silk.

 A peek at the little pocket tucked inside, made from a 4" wide vintage ribbon.

 I'm ALWAYS happy to do commissioned work! (hint, hint, wink, wink)


  1. Very pretty! Your use of textiles is really wonderful!

  2. They are beautiful! I also went to your etsy shop. Love all your work! I definitely will have to put in my order once my trip to your area is paid for! My son moves to Mountainview in 4 short weeks! I get to help him settle in! Again your work is beautiful!

  3. I really like the use of the velvet. It makes it look very rich.




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