Monday, February 28, 2011

Truths in the DAILY WORD

Well, this morning it is truly a MUSING blog.  I've been faithful this year, faithful to my daily MORNING PAGES... writing three pages every morning, before I look at emails, art work, etc. So, this morning I was musing about friendships, judgments, angels and guides. I've always felt such a deep, deep connection to my angels. From early Catholic education, I had a deep relationship to my Guardian Angel Michael. Often thought about delving more deeply into study, writing, teaching on the subject.

Then my judger comes out! I judge the flakes that teach this subject. Don't want to be identified there! Look who's judging!!! So, I endeavored to let go and allow my angles and guides to direct my life today. That was my three pages. Done.

Then, I opened my Daily Word email to this:
I let go of limits and let God's good expand.
It is easy to let the world around us inform us of our potential for good. The television, the news, our friends and family all have opinions about the condition of the world and our life potential.

Today I choose to let go of the influence of opinions. Whether limited thinking comes from outside of me or from within my own mind, I give it no power or attention. There is a divine creative power within me that is infinite potential. Without limits, I allow God's good to expand in my life.

Gratitude fills me as my blessings come to mind. Each blessing is like a seed, ready to yield more love, more health and more prosperity. Released from limiting thoughts, divine ideas fill my life with God's good.

Riches and honor come from you, and you rule over all.--1 Chronicles 29:12

I bolded the parts that seem to be a direct nudge from my angels and guides. There is something deeper going on. Something that necessitates listening. I've always had a calling to ministry... what ever that has looked like. Been thinking that there is a spirituality in painting joyful cupcakes. Makes me feel good.

Guess I'm here to say, that I will publicly acknowledge that there are some mighty angels and guides, ready, willing and able, to give direction, support, hope, and sustenance. It's all good, because it's all GOD!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Here's what I've been up to lately!

Boy these colors look really faded here. It's much more vibrant!

 More cupcakes....

 I think this should be titled "Sweets on my Mind"  "Sweet Thoughts"??
 This final pic is from a copy where the face came out too dark... so I had fun with some squiggles, doodles, blacks and brown. Just for fun.
 And a little EYE CANDY!  Don't you LOVE just looking at art supplies?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Will I be Pretty?"

This is quite something. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. (Maybe a bit harsh.)