Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mornings with Molly

Ok... I'm officially over the top. I created Molly's own BLOG. After all, this is my blog, supposedly full of my writings, art work and general musings. Maybe I'm obsessing too much on her... but she's so darn adorable!

Here's only one more picture (on this blog), you can check her DAILY POSTINGS HERE.

Here she is a few minutes ago, morning play time on my bed....

And, here she is now, napping sweet dreams, while I write in my journal and catch up on my blogging. I am so grateful for such a rich life and simple pleasures!
Do you think I'm crazy for creating her own blog?
Also, I'm creating a new look for this blog. Haven't got it all figured out yet. What do you think? 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Miss Molly

Have to post these pictures.... maybe I should be working on my final watercolor project for class... but she is too much fun to watch! (lol)

Helping sweep up....
 Makes a perfect outdoor bed!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We just brought her home today. Eight weeks old, 20 pounds, beautiful Saint Bernard puppy, has captured my heart!

Monday, May 23, 2011


I just took the online class COLOR DROP FLOWERS, taught by Martha Lever, and I love the way these have turned out. They are just fun, light, airy, and colorful. I'm thinking of doing some stamping on them, mounting them to greeting cards to sell.

 This last one is my favorite.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Goodbye dear DAISY

Sad to say, I had to say goodbye to my dear soul mate, DAISY. I had 9 1/5 fabulous years with her sleeping at the side of my bed, her resting her huge English Mastiff head on my knee, and her sweet prancing greeting me every time I returned home.

Rest in PEACE my darling Daisy.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Original ART JOURNALS now on Etsy!

Hooray.... I finally did it. I've been making my own art journals for a while now... and I've wanted to create some to sell on Etsy... (you can see them with descriptions here) I used really great quality 140lb watercolor and 100lb sketching papers.
This what they look like.

 This next one is really neat! I took apart a vintage art history book to make a larger journal.

 Inside the front cover is a pocket with five prints, but anything could be put in there.
 And I spiral bound the contents because it's still great information and could be used also for altered journal pages.
 And who doesn't remember the Bobbsey Twins! I love this little art journal... perfect for field work or visual journals.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Aviary Mural

We scored a beautiful aviary off Craig's List, FREE!! Painted a dull grey, I'm excited to liven it up a bit.
Here's what I've got so far.....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Art Classes at Yosemite

So... here is a listing of the art classes for the rest of the year. They only ask $5 donation and, as you can see, there are some fabulous artists scheduled. I try to get up for four or five a year. Enjoy.See you there!

May 10th-May14th
Watercolor: Fresh and Loose
May 17th-May 21rst
 Watercolor: Waterfalls and Dogwoods
May24th- May 28th
Watercolor Workshop
May 31rst-June 4th
June 7th- June 11th
Experiencing Yosemite in Watercolor
June 14th- June 18th
Watercolor: Bold and Free
June 21rst-June 25th
 June 28th- July 2nd
Capture the Beauty: Watercolor
 July5th-July 9th
Silk Painting
 July 12th- July 16th
Abstract Fun With Landscape: Acrylic
July 19th- July 23rd
Enjoying Watercolor
 July 26th- July 30th
The Many Faces of Half Dome: Watercolor
August2nd- August 6th
Watercolor Views of Yosemite
August 9th-August 13th
 August16th-August 20th
August 23rd- August 27th
Dynamic Acrylic, Color and Composition
August 30th-September 3rd
Experience Yosemite with Watercolor
September 6th-Sept, 10th
Sept 13th-Sept 17th
Painting Yosemite in Color, Acrylic
Sept. 20th- September 24th
Watercolor Basics
Sept. 27t- October 1rst
Yosemite in Pastel
October 4th- October 8th
Yosemite using opaque watercolor, gouache
October 11th- Octobe15th
Impressive, Expressive Yosemite: acrylic
October 18th-October 22nd
Watercolor Landscape
October 24th- October 29th
Pen and Ink sketching with Watercolor

Yosemite in May

Spend another amazing five days in the Valley.... Lower Pines Campsite #39, right on the river. Here are some shots of my "studio", and several of the paintings I did last week.

I had to wait until the shadows covered my table about three in the afternoon. So inspirational having the river right there!
 This is Fern Springs... gallons and gallons of water coming up from the ground to create Yosemite's smallest waterfall!
 Here, I tried something different... used Copic pens. I think the Yosemite part of the picture gets lost in her too bright colors.
 Here is where I painted in the morning and early afternoon.
 I'd get lost in thought... or maybe not even thinking, just breathing and staring at the roots of this amazing tree... clinging to the washed out bank, it's top roots are searching for soil. The Merced River is quite high because the warm weather is melting the snow. I watched it rise almost 12" during one early evening. Yes, I sat there for over two hours, just mediating on the flow of water and the amazing light show on the North Face granite wall.
 So, I had to paint it.
 Tried a new style (Obata) of the falls.
 And another abstract of the valley. Mixing the colors, wet into wet, right on the paper was fun.