Monday, May 9, 2011

Yosemite in May

Spend another amazing five days in the Valley.... Lower Pines Campsite #39, right on the river. Here are some shots of my "studio", and several of the paintings I did last week.

I had to wait until the shadows covered my table about three in the afternoon. So inspirational having the river right there!
 This is Fern Springs... gallons and gallons of water coming up from the ground to create Yosemite's smallest waterfall!
 Here, I tried something different... used Copic pens. I think the Yosemite part of the picture gets lost in her too bright colors.
 Here is where I painted in the morning and early afternoon.
 I'd get lost in thought... or maybe not even thinking, just breathing and staring at the roots of this amazing tree... clinging to the washed out bank, it's top roots are searching for soil. The Merced River is quite high because the warm weather is melting the snow. I watched it rise almost 12" during one early evening. Yes, I sat there for over two hours, just mediating on the flow of water and the amazing light show on the North Face granite wall.
 So, I had to paint it.
 Tried a new style (Obata) of the falls.
 And another abstract of the valley. Mixing the colors, wet into wet, right on the paper was fun.

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  1. oh how i miss yosemite *sigh*
    the most inspirational place!
    loving your artwork :)


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