Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Art & Soul Retreat

Well, after an amazing retreat at "Art & Soul", I came away with new friends, a multitude of new techniques, good feelings all over, and a successful vendor night. It was hard shlepping around all those tubes of vintage goodies. Good news is that they bought me out and I came home almost empty. Ah... a "need" to go collect more!

I left Portland Sunday at 4pm and arrived in Depoe Bay around 7. By getting in late, it gave me three BEAUTIFUL days to be alone with God and the Sea! It was a wonderful time of emptying my mind and just breathing. With my computer highspeed hookup I was able to sit on my patio, with the ocean just 30 away, and research all day.... which is what I did. I started in the morning researching Spiritual Mentoring and somehow got lost in Sacred Art. I did organize allot of notes and links for the time when I'm about the formalize my outline for my paper.
This is the view from inside my condo, looking out on my comfy chair set up, where I spent all of the early morning, day and sunset! I look forward to going back!

I breathed in the fabulous ocean, I ate healthy, I slept deep.... and mostly I just sat... oh! and the whales! Literally dozens and dozens of them, some quite close!. I did take 117 pictures of the ocean and sky from my patio vantage point. Oh... I started off Tuesday morning, bundled up on my patio at 4:30 am. There were millions of stars in the sky and the waves were humundous! Then, some interesting clouds blew in and created a fantastic double rainbow! Right in front of me!

Here they are. Enjoy!