Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just one more day? Please?

Oh my gosh, how can the time have passed so quickly. I just checked into my lovely condo here at Angels Camp last Sunday afternoon. And, already it's my last night. It started out raining, but yesterday and today were absolutely lovely, temps in the 70's and 80's. I spent a little too much time in the pool yesterday, so I'm presently a little pink. It's been a lovely time away, of deep thinking, art journaling, writing, and reading.

Here's my patio art table.... I'm art journaling my 'bucket list'....

 Here are the 19 soaps I felted....
 Whilst taking the pictures of the soaps, I noticed 'my' oak tree glistening in the setting sun. Ah, sending me her verdant green hugs...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A lovely Spring Day in the California foothills

Lucky me. I'm on one of my periodic personal retreats here in the lovely Sierra Foothills in the town of Angels Camp. The sun illuminates the sprawling oaks as the early birds gently wake me with their melodic songs. ahhhh.  I'm off today, to see the famous Daffodil Hill in nearby Sutter Creek. Before I go, here's my morning view off my deck.... lovely, isn't it!
Oh, and this was still in my camera... my latest fabric and lace book dedicated to Mothers. It measures about 4x6 with lace extending almost everywhere. A really sweet book. I think I'll list it on Ebay this week. (click here) Otherwise, it will be part of my booth at the Mother's Day Art Fair.

I don't know why the lettered tags show up as blue, they are really white.  The doilies in this peace were gifted to me by my friend Winnie, from the Scotts Valley Artisans. Whinny's grandmother crocheted the amazing little 3" intricate doilies as she did the amazing 4" trim you see along the bottom. I cut this trim off of a larger table runner. It's so delicate and charming, I love it.

 My camera's colors are way, way off. This is not a brilliant orange, rather a soft, subdued salmon color. Oh well. You can also see more antique crochet laces, plus the long lace on the left came off of a vintage wedding dress.
 More lace from another vintage wedding dress.