Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ladies of the Week.....

Before you even look at these, I'll admit, I better take a photography class. I just can't seem to get the color right. but look anyway (grin)

I feel really, really good about my Quan Yin (Kwan Yin) painting. The Chinese symbols on the left are Peace and Love. This was my first attempt at doing a crackle/aging technique, and I'm really happy with the results.

Here, you can really see the crackles and antique look.

And this tart-looking lady showed up for my class yesterday. Inspired by my favorite Mucha paintings. Doesn't she have a "come hither" look? Sooo much fun to paint~ ...oh, and note how much better my hands are!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Week's Ladies....

Here they are... this week's three ladies, all sitting on my Zen garden glider....
Kwan Yin showed up this morning... She's still not finished. I'm going to apply a crackle finish and I think she needs some sort of goldish design in the upper left. Ideas?

.I've got to work on hands. If you hold your hand up to your face the bottom of your palm touches your chin and your finger tips touch the top of your forhead. (try it) Her hands are just too dinky. She's painted on a really old piece of redwood, with a knot in the bottom left. I think it adds interest, especially once I do the crackle and antique glaze.

.This angel came to me on Tuesday and Wednesday. A long piece of board. I'm thinking of creating a series of these to hang around the nine trees around our hot tub.
.Her smile is a little crooked, but whose isn't?? I also experimented with "smiley eyes".

.Now, this lady is different. I started her last week, first by collaging lots of "safety envelopes" to create the substrate (surface). It's supposed to be cool today to recycle, upcycle, be green, etc. One of my on-line tutors used these for a smaller collage/painting. I'm not sure if I like it all that much. I like my angel... but I don't know about the under surface. (FYI: the safety envelops that I used here are from the inside of bank, credit card, etc. envelopes.).
.Oh, and the flowers are collaged napkins, using just the top of three layers that make up decorative napkins. (If you have any extras, like after a party or something, save them for me please.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Repurposing an Antique French Spoon Rack

The French cook would use this enamel spoon drip rack to hang up drippy spoons. Note the catch basin at the bottom. Found this in the shop several years ago. Just fun to paint!

My Garden Angel

This Garden Angel seemed to paint herself. I love the way the halo and wings are translucent. I used the top layer of several beautiful napkins to create her garden. Painted on recycled Redwood, Ijust listed her on ebay. Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I've been BUSY!!

Here's my little darling.... ready to hang in your garden! Just listed her on ebay.
She's two sided so you'll be blessed coming and going!

Here are my latest girls.... this blog is upside down! hehehe

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Listed on EBAY

I'm on a roll today! Just listed these on ebay:My "Baby Boomer, Elderly Angel"

My Green Eyed Evening Angel

Pushing out the walls of the studio!

...Ok now... seems like I'm needing to push out the walls of my newly organized studio! I'm loving having a dedicated space, with all my tools and supplies (well, almost all) organized in one space. It's not totally working for me yet, but it's the closest I've come to the ideal, given the space and $$ to put into it at the time.

Here's the view from the door. Looks crowded and messy.
...I'm very sentimental about the furnishings. This was my dad's rolltop desk. I've got all the drawers filled with small drills, soldering tools, etc. Can't help but pile things on top as well. The little organizer on the top right was found in an estate sale for $5 two weeks ago. I love how the small vintage books look in it.
...So, my husband started painting and I felt I had to give him back his beautiful glass art desk. So last Sunday he found me a great vintage desk, with lots of drawers, for only $20!! And it's working great!
...Talk about sentimental... this little table was my cousin Joanies (RIP 10 years now). It's a rare something, with a spring hinge underneath...very old and worn out. It's working great for misc. things.
...This is my favorite view from the workspace... looking out into my Zen garden (currently suffering from too much rain)
...This is the view out from the painting desk. This is the wall I'd like to expand out. We want to eventually put in an aviary and pond back here... great view!
...Not much to offer for a view out this window. The lattice is a huge improvement from the falling down fence that was there. I'll be hanging plants on the lattice once the rains stop.

OH! and guess where the fabulous paned windows came from! My girlfriend Toni's old house over five years ago! We are such scavengers... we couldn't let her throw them away,we might use them someday, and we DID! Thank you Toni!
...And here are some of my "ladies" sitting on my dad's rocker. (He's been gone ten years now too. Miss him, my sister Jean, and my cousin Joanie so much!)

I SOLD!! a painting!

I am so thrilled! We're having a street sale in front of my shop in Boulder Creek and my husband has both my art and two of his paintings (fabulous) on display. Right off the bat one of my angels SOLD! I'm just thrilled that someone wanted to hang one of my paintings in their home!