Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pushing out the walls of the studio!

...Ok now... seems like I'm needing to push out the walls of my newly organized studio! I'm loving having a dedicated space, with all my tools and supplies (well, almost all) organized in one space. It's not totally working for me yet, but it's the closest I've come to the ideal, given the space and $$ to put into it at the time.

Here's the view from the door. Looks crowded and messy.
...I'm very sentimental about the furnishings. This was my dad's rolltop desk. I've got all the drawers filled with small drills, soldering tools, etc. Can't help but pile things on top as well. The little organizer on the top right was found in an estate sale for $5 two weeks ago. I love how the small vintage books look in it.
...So, my husband started painting and I felt I had to give him back his beautiful glass art desk. So last Sunday he found me a great vintage desk, with lots of drawers, for only $20!! And it's working great!
...Talk about sentimental... this little table was my cousin Joanies (RIP 10 years now). It's a rare something, with a spring hinge underneath...very old and worn out. It's working great for misc. things.
...This is my favorite view from the workspace... looking out into my Zen garden (currently suffering from too much rain)
...This is the view out from the painting desk. This is the wall I'd like to expand out. We want to eventually put in an aviary and pond back here... great view!
...Not much to offer for a view out this window. The lattice is a huge improvement from the falling down fence that was there. I'll be hanging plants on the lattice once the rains stop.

OH! and guess where the fabulous paned windows came from! My girlfriend Toni's old house over five years ago! We are such scavengers... we couldn't let her throw them away,we might use them someday, and we DID! Thank you Toni!
...And here are some of my "ladies" sitting on my dad's rocker. (He's been gone ten years now too. Miss him, my sister Jean, and my cousin Joanie so much!)

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