Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Week's Ladies....

Here they are... this week's three ladies, all sitting on my Zen garden glider....
Kwan Yin showed up this morning... She's still not finished. I'm going to apply a crackle finish and I think she needs some sort of goldish design in the upper left. Ideas?

.I've got to work on hands. If you hold your hand up to your face the bottom of your palm touches your chin and your finger tips touch the top of your forhead. (try it) Her hands are just too dinky. She's painted on a really old piece of redwood, with a knot in the bottom left. I think it adds interest, especially once I do the crackle and antique glaze.

.This angel came to me on Tuesday and Wednesday. A long piece of board. I'm thinking of creating a series of these to hang around the nine trees around our hot tub.
.Her smile is a little crooked, but whose isn't?? I also experimented with "smiley eyes".

.Now, this lady is different. I started her last week, first by collaging lots of "safety envelopes" to create the substrate (surface). It's supposed to be cool today to recycle, upcycle, be green, etc. One of my on-line tutors used these for a smaller collage/painting. I'm not sure if I like it all that much. I like my angel... but I don't know about the under surface. (FYI: the safety envelops that I used here are from the inside of bank, credit card, etc. envelopes.).
.Oh, and the flowers are collaged napkins, using just the top of three layers that make up decorative napkins. (If you have any extras, like after a party or something, save them for me please.

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  1. I love the look of your envelope angel! Keep experimenting. L, T


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