Thursday, May 23, 2013

Loving Lake Tahoe

What can be said
About a place like this
Nature at her best!
 Snow capped mountains
Windy spring lake
Amazing, crystal clear beauty.
 Lovely World Mark Condos
The view from my balcony
Breathing, slow, deep, breaths.
I'll be home soon.
Just wanted to share a piece of paradise!
xoxo Chris

Monday, May 20, 2013

A sneak peek into the new studio....

Good morning dear friends. 
Welcome to a sneak peek into my new combo studio.
Combo, because I combined my tiny paper crafting studio 
with my tiny sewing studio.
Even though this space is not as large as the other two if they were connected,
Everything I'll need is in an arm's reach!
As you see these preliminary pictures
Remember, it's only about 2/3 complete.
(Meaning I've got loads of stuff to still incorporate.)

This first view is from the door.
 I'll be covering the windows with lace since the view isn't so hot.
 Along the back wall, my "lace station" and the antique music cabinet where I've just stashed a few items before finding their proper home.
 We're blocking out a North facing window here. I love the turquoise book shelf. The white cabinet is a 1950's kitchen cabinet I purchased at my shop (from on of the other dealers). I'm so excited to fill it with my treasures!
 This will be the main workstation. Great storage in the corner with the Ikea cabinet. Great light!
 And to the right, will be my sewing station.
 And here are a couple close-ups of my lace station. I think this is where I've spent most of my time so far. Pressing those beautiful antique laces and hanging them on an antique towel dryer.
The swivel arms of the towel dryer is PERFECT for hanging laces. 
The cake plate stand is perfect for my round doilies too.
 And, if I get bored....
Here are my Redwood Muses! A vision right outside my window!
 Well, thanks for stopping by today!
Much love, Chris

Friday, May 17, 2013

A little break.... driving along the coastal mountains...

Hello dear friends.... You're invited to join me visually, on my journey yesterday.
I drove up to the SF Bay Area to visit my niece Lisa, driving East along our beautiful Highway 9, then North on Highway 35, better known as 'Skyline'.  The rolling hillsides are still greenish. I stopped a number of times to just breathe.... breathe the fragrant grasses, the freshness of the lifting fog.... it was just beautiful!

This spot is near a place called 'Windy Hill' looking West just South of Palo Alto and Woodside.
 You can't see the ocean on the horizon today.... but I know it's there. The fog had just lifted, so everything was so fresh.
 I've always loved the architecture of the rolling hills. I think the elevation is around 1800' or so. This is a place where I often stop to pray or meditate.... or just quietly sit.
 This picture is from high up on Hwy 9, just before the summit. You're looking over the San Lorenzo Valley. I've been coming to this spot for more than 45 years... since I first learned to drive.
 Back in the early 80's I hiked this trail the day before I was scheduled for surgery. Wrote a long letter to God, asking for healing and health. It's just such an amazing Vortex of spiritual and earth energies... a place where I care deeply feel my connection to God and the Oneness of all.
Today, I'm back home and will take pictures of the new combined studio space.
Sweet blessings for a super Spring day.
xoxo Chris

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Moving again....

Okay... so my 'paper crafting' studio is on one side of our property, and my sewing studio is on the other. So, we're combining the two in my granddaughter's old room. Painted everything white, and sweet hubby put down a white floor. I just love the empty canvas!

This will be the 'back wall' all storage and shelving.
 And this will be the entry wall, also storage. I just picked up this sweet 1950's pine cabinet. So perfect for storage and to actually see some of my more precious pieces of this and that.
 This will be my main crafting wall, looking out to the garden and fabulous redwood trees.
 And this side wall will be the sewing center.
We're moving in the basic cabinets today. I'll take more 'before' pictures.
Happy Mother's DAy!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Springtime Score!

Good morning dear friends. 
You'll get a chuckle and you will certainly enjoy 
the eye candy you're about to see.

First though, here is my friend Lorri Scott
She is posed next to a rack of her
Amazing Wearable Art!
Lorri is our featured May Artist in my shop, 
Here she is in her magnificent splendicity! 
I made up that word, SPLENDICITY, it fits Lorri!
Visit her blog, and you'll see how fabulous she is!
 On the home front....
Here is the bag of EYE CANDY
I mentioned above....
This old plastic bag is chock FULL of 

I found this exquisite crochet yoke
So sweet and delicate
Even though it's been living in an airless bag
for who knows how long.
I'm thinking Lorri could do something amazing with this.
 Here is a closer view of the intricate work!
 Also, tucked into this bountiful bag
This unusual netting, with little cotton dots.
It's really all white, 
the dots appear pinkish in the picture.
Anyone seen something like this before?
What is it called?
 And, here is a closer view of some of the lovely lacy pieces.
 You may be wondering...
Where did she find such a bountiful bag of lace goodies?
Please don't laugh...
Ok, laugh, I'm still laughing myself!
The found treasure trove
was uncovered in my own
Four years ago, we downsized.
Moved from our huge house in the redwoods near the river.
To our little cottage in the redwoods near the lake
(Yes, we like the whimsical!)
I had to downsize my huge sewing room as well.
Yesterday, I ventured into the storage shed,
and ta-da...
I rediscovered and, brought back to life
My Bountiful Bag of Lovely Laces!

So, dear friends, that's my story.
Sending you Sweet Blessings for a
Lovely Spring Day!
xoxo Chris

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I've been so busy this week preparing for our big event! Many of you know I own a fabulous, fun antique collective, BOULDER CREEK ANTIQUES & ART, kind of a mini-mall, in our mountain town of Boulder Creek. This Friday we are hosting our first ever FIRST FRIDAY EVENT!  If you're in the area, please come by and say hi. AND... you can enjoy the fabulous art of Lorri Scott !!

First Friday Boulder Creek!
Friday, May 3rd, 6 to 8 pm

In MAC's 100 Year Old Building
Home of Boulder Creek Antiques & Art
13164 Highway 9, Boulder Creek

Featuring the Amazing work of Local Artist
Lorri Scott
Of Wayward Threads Wearable Art

And the Wonderful Works of our resident artists...
Chris Flynn - Mixed Media & Fiber, Books, Bags, & Purses

Bill Flynn - Figural Silhouettes

Carol Milich - Handcrafted Porcelain
Mike Milich - Photography
Darlene & Glenn Cobb - Cement Garden Art is even MORE incentive...

(Only for these two hours)

Also Just for your pleasure
Featuring the Live Acoustic Guitar of
Michael Scott

Enjoy Delicious Hors d'oeuvres and Wine Tasting in our
Secret Gardens