Friday, May 17, 2013

A little break.... driving along the coastal mountains...

Hello dear friends.... You're invited to join me visually, on my journey yesterday.
I drove up to the SF Bay Area to visit my niece Lisa, driving East along our beautiful Highway 9, then North on Highway 35, better known as 'Skyline'.  The rolling hillsides are still greenish. I stopped a number of times to just breathe.... breathe the fragrant grasses, the freshness of the lifting fog.... it was just beautiful!

This spot is near a place called 'Windy Hill' looking West just South of Palo Alto and Woodside.
 You can't see the ocean on the horizon today.... but I know it's there. The fog had just lifted, so everything was so fresh.
 I've always loved the architecture of the rolling hills. I think the elevation is around 1800' or so. This is a place where I often stop to pray or meditate.... or just quietly sit.
 This picture is from high up on Hwy 9, just before the summit. You're looking over the San Lorenzo Valley. I've been coming to this spot for more than 45 years... since I first learned to drive.
 Back in the early 80's I hiked this trail the day before I was scheduled for surgery. Wrote a long letter to God, asking for healing and health. It's just such an amazing Vortex of spiritual and earth energies... a place where I care deeply feel my connection to God and the Oneness of all.
Today, I'm back home and will take pictures of the new combined studio space.
Sweet blessings for a super Spring day.
xoxo Chris


  1. Oh how lucky you are being able to take a drive on the coast their and a beautiful spot to just think and commune with nature and all.

  2. You are very lucky to live in that area.
    Beautiful views.



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