Monday, August 12, 2013

First Spirit Doll

I'm thrilled to show you my first, ever, SPIRIT DOLL! She is full of deep meaning!
 As my new MUSE, she'll Grace my studio.
She started with twigs from a curly Willow tree.
 Some of the 'stuff' used to construct her. You can see the lace ribbon attached to her mask. I work her for a few days to imbue her with love, spirit, and deep connections to All Women. I wore her as I constructed each part of her body.
 Lots of scraps and strings, with miles of memories of previous projects, all make up her body's 'stuffing'.
 I had more scraps and remnants to include. It felt worthy to include two of the suffragettes images left over from one of my "Votes for Women" books.
 Gauze and canvas strips wrap her insides in. Also, you can see the tip of a vintage Sacred Scapula, Heart of Jesus, that I included.
 Then, my batteries ran out of juice.... so, jumping ahead, here she is almost finished. I'm going to sit with her a while to listen for her direction for more embellishments.

 This little Medicine Pouch as been with me over 25 years. I used the gold and diamond from my wedding ring (first marriage 1968) along with a garnet and emerald to have a crown stylized for this little pouch. There are photos and prayers still in it from 25 years ago.
 And, I've tried my hand at creating new faces and embellishments. Trial and error. I'll be painting and staining these.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Busy summer days....

Hi friends.... we had a big move for my disabled son, but the dust has settled and he loves his new home. Thanks for your thoughtful prayers!

You can expect more here in the coming months. My hubby and I decided no more renters. So, for the first time in 20 years, we'll be living alone! Whoopee!

I was thrilled to sell my Sassy Bag to this sweet young girl, Lily. Lily is starting middle school and can't wait to show off her new bag.

Oh, you know what? Guess we're really not 'alone'.... we have close to 200 pounds of furry love sharing our hearth! Molly our Saint and Lulu our Bassett. Precious girls.