Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gotta love Small Town USA

It was a fabulous turn out for our Boulder Creek Forth of July Parade! People say they are sticking to home, or just traveling short distances. Whatever! the turn out was huge and wonderful. Lots of home made decorations, darling children riding decorated bikes, local groups from the Lumberjack Axe throwing to the Jazersize shopping cart drills...

I think the most heartwarming and thrill-making entry was the parade of our volunteer firemen/women and the fact that the engines were free to be in the parade! I know there are a number of our local fire fighters down in Big Sur, but it was so gratifying to see so many here, ready, on call for anything that could (but didn't) happen.

Here's pictures, one of the front of my shop....

God Bless America

with humbleness and gratitude!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mmmmm Coffee, Fooled Me!

Ha! I've been drinking coffee since 1968. At first it was so cool.... I felt mature, grown up, and started having coffee dates with my neighbors and girlfriends. So much of my early life as a mother and wife, were built around the coffee pot. I had a plug in percolator (wedding gift)... then in the 70's moved onto Mr. Coffee drip system.

Being a young family, money was tight and I would use paper towels instead of the expensive filters. (gas was 3 gallons for $1, bread was .25 loaf, and we could feed our family on $10-12 a week!)

My morning coffee has been a staple of my life for all these years. I take a thermos into my quiet/meditation/writing time. Today, I love to sit on my porch swing at 6am, with my cup of coffee. This Christmas I bought my husband a fancy machine that grinds the beans as well as brews a fabulous pot of coffee. Bill sets the coffee up at night, so it's ready for me at 5:30. mmmmmm!

So, several weeks ago I started looking into a 12 step food issue group that says I'll have to give up caffeine (it's addictive)... Oh my gosh, I've given it up cold turkey several times in my life, and each time I had terrible headaches, felt so tired, etc. Giving it up again is not somethng I look forward to!
I told my sweet hubby that "we" should probably give it up.... it's not good for you, right?

He's such a dear! for the last week, he's been slowly changing over to decaf beans and I didn't realize it! Yes, I've been a little fuzzy, but I've been working long days, but also, sleeping deeply at night! hmmmm

YAY! I gave up caffeine!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mental and emotional debris

I like today's Daily Word..... here's part of it.

Let Go, Let God
I am a powerful expression of good. My life is fulfilling and fun.
As I turn within, I give my full attention to the love and light of God. In the silence,
I affirm: I let go and let God.
This affirmation is a powerful tool for clearing away mental and emotional debris. I allow myself to take time to be fully in the moment with this release so that it becomes a freeing experience for me.

And who doesn't have mental and emotional debris! I used to blame it on my Irish ancestors (and being Catholic)... but I now know that it's a universal issue. Sometimes it can really pile up... and I learned how to be a good brooder! time to let that disfunction go... and I like this:

God seems to give us the messages we need, as we need them. We just have to listen, or be willing to listen!

So, just for today, I am going to LET GO AND LET GOD be God in my life!.... one day at a time!