Sunday, April 27, 2014

Playing with Polymer clay...

I've maintained I only wanted to work with 'organic' terracotta clay... but something grabbed a hold of me, and I decided to play with Polymer clay today. I'm really happy! Made a zillion beads, and 14 mounted faces. This afternoon, I'm planning to assemble beads and faces... to see what happens!

Friday, April 18, 2014

On a Spirit Doll roll!

My dear friend Brigit has inspired me! Plus, I only have one lone Spirit Doll on display in my shop, Boulder Creek Antiques & Art. So, I've been so focused on creating these little dolls. Most of my dolls have been 15-18 inches... these little ones are around 8" tall. I love handling them, reminds me of the popular 8" dolls I played with in the 1950's.You can't tell from the pictures, but each one was fashioned on a vintage thread spindle. The arms are from various twigs collected in Yosemite, Monterey, and here in the Redwoods.

Haven't found names for them yet....(I'm open to suggestions!)

This is Iris, Goddess of the rainbow and messenger to the Gods.
Her 'write up'....
As Goddess of the rainbow she restores
calm and balance to the forces of nature.
She was the handmaiden to Hera and served nectar
 to the Gods as a Faithful, loyal and a shape shifter.
As a bridge to the heavens, she is a messenger
to the gods, as a mystic intangible entity.
She wears vintage scarves in colors of the rainbow.
Her rainbow attire is an amalgamation of light - a perfect harmonic combination which produces a symbol of supernatural beauty, promise and enlightenment.
Her red hair...represent her passionate nature.
Her fiery temper and fierceness will protect you,
 and bestow upon you, the courage to be YourSELF.
She is created from riverwashed wood found in Yosemite.
The Lacy Moss was gathered in the windswept Cypress trees of Monterey. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Always busy.... (It's a GOOD thing!)

I love, love, love, being busy. As long as it involves doing things I love. I was recently asked by a customer at my shop, Boulder Creek Antiques & Art, if I could customize two fabric collage journals. What a pleasure it was! I created two French vintage postcards with their names (in photoshop), then printed them on fabric, and collaged them onto the original books. I layered a bit of lace and trim on each one, so it looked like their names were there all along.  Vicki, the mom, was so thrilled. She brought the girls in, right after then got off the school bus in town. So here they are! (My heart is full!)

 Sasha loved the vintage 'Tom-boy' image of the little girl.
 Zxoe chose the journal with the girl with red hair.... (understandable!)
 Oh... and my Spirit dolls have all sold out! The display is empty! Can't have that. So I'm busy this week playing with clay, to create new faces, and swimming in silks as I create new Spirit Dolls. (My wonderful companion, Janome sewing machine is in the 'Spa' for a week. She needed some well deserved attention to her tension issues! I miss her!)