Thursday, April 17, 2014

Always busy.... (It's a GOOD thing!)

I love, love, love, being busy. As long as it involves doing things I love. I was recently asked by a customer at my shop, Boulder Creek Antiques & Art, if I could customize two fabric collage journals. What a pleasure it was! I created two French vintage postcards with their names (in photoshop), then printed them on fabric, and collaged them onto the original books. I layered a bit of lace and trim on each one, so it looked like their names were there all along.  Vicki, the mom, was so thrilled. She brought the girls in, right after then got off the school bus in town. So here they are! (My heart is full!)

 Sasha loved the vintage 'Tom-boy' image of the little girl.
 Zxoe chose the journal with the girl with red hair.... (understandable!)
 Oh... and my Spirit dolls have all sold out! The display is empty! Can't have that. So I'm busy this week playing with clay, to create new faces, and swimming in silks as I create new Spirit Dolls. (My wonderful companion, Janome sewing machine is in the 'Spa' for a week. She needed some well deserved attention to her tension issues! I miss her!)


  1. What sweet young ladies - I'm sure they will treasure their new journals. I live in dread that my Janome will have to make a spa visit too - I don't know what I would do without her!

  2. Sweet journals for two sweet girls! I hope your partner returns soon! It's hard to live without them isn't it? That is why I have a second backup on hand!
    Happy Easter to you Chris,
    Suzy x

  3. The journals look wonderful! Hope 'Jan' is back home soon. Hoppy Easter.


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