Sunday, March 23, 2014

Loving the Irish Linen

I just love the look of crisp, highly starched, Irish Linen. So I become obsessed with playing with old Irish Linen table cloths! I'll show you some of what I've created.... but first, these two were at the end of my bed to greet me this morning...
 I practically drool over how sharp and crisp, yet delicate this Lavender sachet turned out. I like to over-stuff the little pillows so they are nice and plump.
 These next ones are from a beautiful batiste tablecloth. I've made them triply ply because the batiste is so thin and delicate. I love how these look!
 These are all for sale in my Etsy shop. (Not too expensive either.)

 And the final two are from a sweet doiley.

 this is what the back looks like.


  1. Your sachets are lovely Chris. To be honest i have never used a sachet..... i think my grandmother may have.... you just place them in clothing drawers right to make everything smell nice? Hugs! deb

    1. Hi Deb... yes, these are made to freshen a drawer, or, to place in a decorative bowl. To release the sweet lavender fragrance you only need slightly squeeze the pouch. Thank you for your thoughts! Sweet blessings, Chris

  2. Absolutely love these Chris! I sleep with one under my pillow at night.
    x Suzy

    1. Thank you my friend. I was inspired to create this little pillows after your comment on my previous blog post. While I do love creating the whimsical and colorful sachets, I love, love, love the elegance of the pristine white. xoxo Chris

  3. Batiste is such a lovely fabric, and perfect for sachets. It would make lovely pincushions too!


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