Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring has sprung!

Hello Dear Friends.... We've been blessed with some beautiful weather here in the Santa Cruz Redwood Mountains, although we still need more rain. But the weather is beautiful, and Spring is truly in the air. So, I've been a busy bee for the last two days. Actually, I spent 9 1/2 hours in my studio playing with lavender. Here's what I made, all tagged and ready to go into my shop in Boulder Creek tomorrow.

Cute little PIN CUSHIONS! made with vintage linens and sweet vintage images... They are generously filled with a blend of the French Lavender and rice. Makes for a lovely pincushion. Each time you stick your pin into the cushion you are rewarded with a light lavender fragrance!
 A few more sachets. The lavender is a lovely organic French lavender.... all buds, and smells delicious!
 This is a set of sachets I made from a vintage Irish linen tablecloth. Starched them like heck, so they are nice and crisp, just delicious too!
 Sachets made from embroidered linens. It's fun to save at least a part of what was once a beautiful doily.
 These are the first six I made yesterday. All fun, spring fabrics, with some of those Mulberry paper flowers and wide white rickrack.

It has been so much fun making these little treasures! It's hard to stop!
So, thanks for stopping by. Sweet Blessings for a Lovely Spring,
xoxo Chris


  1. Hi Chris - this spring burst has surely motivated you to give that sewing machine a good workout.
    Your Lavender sachets are all so gorgeous - I can only imagine their fragrance! Love the ones especially from the Irish linen
    Also your little quilts are so pretty - all folded so beautifully for display.
    I'm glad you are enjoying yourself creating at present!
    Big hugs,

  2. Your sachets look so pretty and springlike! Afraid I would have to pass on the lavender though - it makes me sneeze, even though I do love the scent.


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