Friday, July 30, 2010

Delights of a New Camera on a Foggy July Morning in the Redwoods

Oh... How I love the new camera: Kodak Z981! It's a foggy morning, the mist is low to our mountain top. Here are some of (what I think are) the lovely flowers and views in my gardens.

First... here is my very messy Zen Garden, right outside my bedroom:

Wonderful camera! look at the water!
And here is Daisy having a drink!

The rest of these photos are flowers that I am so fortunate to have grace my gardens....

And, finally the misty morning trees....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Blessing: A Misty Morning in the Redwoods

I kinda don't want to get out of bed!  Spent the day in the studio yesterday and finished up several paintings now on Ebay.

I love the blue-green on my Buddha. It's such a mediation to relax into the painting, and let myself be guided by spirit.

Here is the little angel that appeared right after my Buddha.... I used a beautiful piece of paper from Napal for her dress. She symbolizes all of our angelic beings and guides that hold us gently in their hearts. I think she's a little too chunky, but my granddaughter says she likes chunky angels!

I love  to hear your comments!
Have a lovely day, Sweet Blessings to you!

Friday, July 23, 2010


I've been enjoying an amazing summer of art retreats. First to Yosemite then Bodega Bay area. Here are some of my Yosemite paintings.

First... here I am in the meadow painting El Capitan, while watching the crazy climbers scale the verticle walls!

Two young children came and sat painting with me for an hour!

Here is my instructor for the day:

And this is what I wanted to paint:

As seen from the Sentinel Bridge parking lot.

And this is what I'm in the process of creating. It's not near done yet, and my camera's battery was starting to go, sorry about the faded image.

And here are my two completed paintings....

First one is the popular whole valley view from the "Tunnel View".

The second one is Stoneman's Bridge, near Camp Curry. We camped in what used to be Camp 7 for many years as I was growing up. I used to swim right underneath this bridge. The colors are quite distorted, again because of the camera/battery problem.

inally, here is a picture from the popular "Tunnel View"m