Sunday, June 29, 2008



What was I thinking yesterday when I wrote that! I was just inspired by some great words from Unity Daily Word.... it's not until today, that I look deeper into EXACTLY what KNOWING FULLNESS means.

Yesterday, it was about Unity, community, the support of others on the path, what ever that path might be. But today, as I read some email and comments in response, I really am taking a look at what it means to know fullness.

I experienced real hunger pains yesterday afternoon. I had worked 6 or 7 hours listing on ebay, I was tired (key), and I hadn't had a proper breakfast or lunch (another key). I was feeling sorry for myself having to work weekends (key).... Of course I'd feel hunger pains, I was running on empty....

hmmmm, funny how the Universe gives us messages on multiple levels. What if I had just taken the time to meditate on the FULLNESS of my life! How full I am with my fabulous family, amazing Granddaughter that I get to raise! We have a beautiful 2 acres in the Redwoods. We are healthy! We have a roof over our heads. I get to play with art. ...and there is just so much more!

My FULLNESS is all about GRATITUDE for the Gifts God's given.

hmmmm, I'll have to think about that next time I feel that panic hunger.... plus, I might try a little more BALANCE! in my life!

Thank you God/Goddess for the wake up!

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