Saturday, June 28, 2008

Knowing fullness.

Did you know that Unity still publishes it's "Daily Word". For the last twenty years, I have referred to this fabulous daily affirmation when it's been time for soul searching or a need for inspiration. Back in the early 1980's, when I was an Activities Director, Program Director, for several Senior Citizen groups and nursing homes... I would read the Daily word and use it as a spring board for our discussions. During the years of leading Spiritually Oriented Singles and Conscious Connections groups and retreats (in the 90's), again, I could always count on the Daily Word for inspiration when my well seemingly went dry.

So why haven't I "kept in touch".... not a clue. Because, this morning, I felt I need to blog something... buy my well seems dry (get the word "seems"). I know it never is.... but I googled good old Unity Daily word and here's what today is about:

Daily Word — Saturday, June 28, 2008

United in Spirit
Together we know completeness. We are one in Spirit.
Though we are individuals living unique lives, we are united in a oneness of Spirit. We celebrate and dedicate ourselves to a lifetime of continued respect and consideration.
I value you and the qualities you bring to our commitment. In this union, I am inspired by the caring and giving that have attracted me to you. I am led to emulate these and mirror your goodness back to you.
Together we do not fill emptiness but know fullness. Our attraction is God-guided. Our actions are God-blessed.
Our intentions define a life we treasure.
We are aware of each other's presence-spiritual as well as physical-whether in the same room or miles apart.
Together we are stronger.
Together we are more: more expressive,
more giving, more loving.
I am blessed in loving you.
"What God has joined together, let no one separate."-Matthew 19:6

Well..... oh my gosh! This last week I've been exploring "FA" an AA style group for food addiction. Been to just one meeting.... but spent this last week soul searching. Then, yesterday I had coffee with a dear friend (have to keep it anonymous) and she really inspired me by sharing her story. Then we visited an AA Fellowship meeting, since she was traveling and wanted a dose of 12-step stuff. Well, all through the week... this theme of UNITY has been springing up! It's the connection that keeps us empowered... as in "together we are stronger".

And then there is my new Yahoo group affiliation with the Mandala Oasis.... it's a small group, and oh so spiritually intimate! And there is most deffinately a sense of UNITY within this fabulous group, thank you Cheryl for starting it.

So, to wrap it up....
Together we do not fill emptiness
but know fullness

What more can be said!
Love and Blessings


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I am struggling with my eating also, and I like the idea of knowing fullness.

  2. I used to get these small booklets in the mail. They were wonderful:-)and inspiring and this message is so beautiful.
    My husband is on a strict diet and it's gotten me to see how much "unhealthy" food is out there. Now, I read everything!Trying to eat as close to the source seems to be key.
    United, we can make great changes!
    thanks for this message.

  3. Dear Chris,
    Thank you so much for this Daily Word. And yes, I did know they still published it, and for years I went to the Unity of Oak Park church in my neighborhood. The new thought-ancient wisdom teachings have blessed my life the late 80s/early 90s. One of my fondest memories is when my mom and I went on 4 day retreat to Unity Village in MO in 1992. It was wonderful...and when visiting she would attend Tai Chi classes w/me at Unity. Thanks for sparking these memories. Isn't it synchronistic that the current Mandala Meditation is "Connect" (posted on my blog and the Oasis) --and then you share this wonderful blessing of Unity as in church, and unity as in "Together we do not fill emptiness, but know fullness." And I thank God, and you for being a part of the fullness in my life, as a friend and at the Mandala Oasis.
    love you...


  4. P.S. - I met Annie out in blogland via the My Sacred Life project, which is now Sacred Life Sunday; anyway, like many of us, she too working for balance creating a healthier lifestyle, and I'm always inspired by her. She's blogging her journey, and I just bet you'll be inspired as you read her postings. I know I am. She started a new blog: "Annie's New Life", just for this it is:



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