Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Lace books....

Here are closeups of several (actually, just a few) new LACE BOOKS, created in the last month...

'Ooo La La' sexy Zigfield Dancers.... Measures 5"x8", 11 pages total, 10 pictures and a pocket page holding a mini journal for you to write your dancing memories. Using lots of wedding laces, bling, and sweet bits of this and that.

A Gratitude Journal, CELEBRATING EVERY DAY....
Measures 5"x8" with 14 decorated pages...many tags, many pockets, many journaling opportunities.

 This is my new favorite to create! CUPCAKE DOILY BOOK!
Measures about 5" ROUND!! made with a multitude of doilies, snippets of this and that, and, of course, a bit of bling!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

'FAMILY' A Wedding Album

The following are pictures of an extensive wedding album I made for my cousin this past year. Used almost exclusively vintage linens, wedding dresses, and trims.