Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Again, trying something new

I got really excited about painting cupcakes and have moved on to tea parties. (Don't try to Google that now, it's all politics!) MY tea party is about having fun, tea, and a little Chocolate torte!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cupcake Anyone??

These are so cute. They look so yummy I want to take a bite or at least lick off the frosting.  I had fun today playing with these 4x4 canvases. These are mixed media and collage with acrylic paint. I used a heavy body medium to make the frosting more real. Then I grunged them with charcoal pencil and my paints.  I'd like to sell them in my shop, Boulder Creek Antiques and Art. Any suggestions on price?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can't make up my mind...

I can't figure out what is my "style"....

I loved watching the Strathmore lesson on reusing old art work. This page I took from copies of my "Mother Mary" and "My Angel". I fiddled with them in Photoshop to get the blue hue. I put the wings from the angel on the body of the face I took from Mary.  Haven't thought of any profound journaling that fits on the page... but I will.

Now this one... These images are my SACRED SISTERS... we've been spiritually together for the last two years, yet feel like we've been together for eternities. We attended a Zen Mindfulness Writing retreat last fall and Sacred Brother Frank (Joyce's husband) took these pictures. I printed them in several sizes. This isn't exactly as I've been creating it in my mind, but I plan to play with it more.
Any helpful suggestions are greatly appreciated! This kind of journaling is so new to me!
Sweet Blessings

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spiral Binding Machine?

So INSPIRED this morning!!
Looking for a SPIRAL binding machine.
I've got lots and lots of ideas, but not sure which machine is most artist friendly.
I'd like to bind as small as 4" up to 11".
Thanks for any input or leads!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE has really got my juices going!!

Update: January 15... I keep practicing on my ladies. 
These are feeling much better to me! (the shadows are from the sun!)

 Tried a little water color here

I am sooo happy I decided to participate. I've learned so much, but most importantly, I've allowed myself to fiddle around with some ideas, playing with the PROCESS rather than a product! I bought a few new markers and pens today... can't wait to do some more work!

I'm not too crazy about his first layout... in fact I was going to junk it way back when it was just a few layers of paint and papers.  But, I was determined to let go of perfectionism, or even of any plans... and just followed whatever. But I did it, even if I don't like it much.

 Now, this one I feel much better about. I printed a black and white photo of me at four years old. I was trying to make it look like a beautiful curtain surrounding the figure.  In contrast, on the right side, there is a small pic of me 60 years later, taken on my 64th birthday, watching the sunset. The theme of the two pages is about the little girl who was already embarrassed about her art, and was afraid to do it "right"... then, of course, there's the free me, now having full permission to do what ever the heck I want!  I LOVE GETTING OLD!! (especially at this age!) Life is good!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my journals, process journals, gratitude journal, inspiration journal, water color travel journal, faces journal, and now I'm delving into my large SKETCHBOOK journal. I've had this one for a year or so, and have only done some mandalas and zen doodling. Big 10x12' pages are scarey.  
 Here's just a few... upper left is my Inspiration Journal, I make notes about the stories I'm writing; next is my Writing Practice journal that i write the most in (especially love the new practice of writing in different coffee shops. Kinda like Morning Pages, just at any time of the day.); next, spread wide open is the new SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE journal; Faces journal and Travel journals are on the bottom.

The SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE prompt for January is "HIGHLY PRIZED"... so I've decided to let go and allow myself to play.  What I HIGHLY PRIZE are all the techniques I've learned in the last year from some amazing artists who share themselves on line.   

MYSTEL is the inspration my first layout. She taught me GUT ART... finding the story in the layers of paint and collage. 

So, I started this by dripping colors on the pages then smooshing them around with my extra room key (like a credit card). All the little houses just seem to show up, as did the greenery in the upper right.  

But I really didn't like it much and was upset for having ruined two pages in my journal!  So I gessoed in two circles, huge white blogs... and really got upset with myself. Put it away for a day or two.

Then yesterday, I got brave and let go of perfection.  The boarders, these two ladies, the flowers, lettering, etc. just followed. I'm happy now. It just feels good to look at it. I'm grateful for Mystel's wonderful guidance!

Yippee... Today I start a new spread!

My Birthday Trip to the Sea

Turning 64 wasn't so bad.... I took a fabulous three day retreat to Monterey. We have a timeshare with a few units right on the sand dunes. Just a peak of a view, but the sounds of the pounding surf were consuming, and what a way to be! Here's the path from my condo to the sea....

And here I am, turning 64, watching the sun set, so grateful for the blessings in my life!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Wow, it's a brand NEW YEAR! I'm starting off a new daily gratitude journal and thought I'd share a few pictures here.

This is last year's journal. I preferred to do it "my way" but I loved the water color pages. This is "Plenty of Time" by Terces Engelhart.

This is the simple, humble, composition book, covered in paste paper.

Here's a close up of the fun designs. When you hold it a certain way, it gives a 3-d effect.

Finally, I've committed to drawing more faces. I started a year ago, but I feel so challenged, I often avoid even trying. I've set my intention to draw at least 3 to 5 faces a week. Oh my, now I've declared it, I've gotta do it! LOL.

I'd love to hear your comments!  
Much love to you, visualizing a year of