Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can't make up my mind...

I can't figure out what is my "style"....

I loved watching the Strathmore lesson on reusing old art work. This page I took from copies of my "Mother Mary" and "My Angel". I fiddled with them in Photoshop to get the blue hue. I put the wings from the angel on the body of the face I took from Mary.  Haven't thought of any profound journaling that fits on the page... but I will.

Now this one... These images are my SACRED SISTERS... we've been spiritually together for the last two years, yet feel like we've been together for eternities. We attended a Zen Mindfulness Writing retreat last fall and Sacred Brother Frank (Joyce's husband) took these pictures. I printed them in several sizes. This isn't exactly as I've been creating it in my mind, but I plan to play with it more.
Any helpful suggestions are greatly appreciated! This kind of journaling is so new to me!
Sweet Blessings

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  1. Hello love your journals here and you really did a super job! As for your style..I know right?? I can't figure mine out either. Have a super sweet day, Dawn


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