Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Again, trying something new

I got really excited about painting cupcakes and have moved on to tea parties. (Don't try to Google that now, it's all politics!) MY tea party is about having fun, tea, and a little Chocolate torte!


  1. The colors are fabulous.. I really like this painting.... Pam

  2. Hi! I came over from Flicker where you left me a nice comment on my sketch; thank you. I also love your work on this blog; so cool! I became a follower because I want to revisit often to see what you're up to. My name is Pam too :) I am an educator with my Masters in education but presently I am devoted to my mixed media art which I exhibit here in FL and up in MA. I am also a mom, wife,and grandma. I hope you'll comment and follow on my blog too. Here's the address:


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