Monday, September 30, 2013

Sweet Spirit Doll

Sweet Spirit is my first 'Doll for Sale' on Etsy. (Click to see.)
Here is your preview!
Sweet Spirit is about 13" tall and 9" from arm to arm. She has Mulberry Paper roses in her hair. Her hair is a combination of moss and yarn. Her face is molded from terracotta with many layers of stains to achieve an integrated multicolored effect.

Her arms are constructed of Redwood branches from my property. Her body, head, and arms have layers of moss. Her clothing is made from scraps of vintage lace and netting fashioned over a multi-color cotton tunic. She is adorned with beads and silk ribbons and a fern breastplate sculpted in terracotta.

Sweet Spirit is made to hang on a wall. A perfect blessing for your home!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My First Teaching Retreat: Spirit Dolls

Hello dear friends.... 
I'm just back from my first teaching retreat focused on the 
healing qualities of our Ancient Ancestors 
represented by the creation of our individual Spirit Dolls. 
What follows are about 50 pictures I haven't edited yet.
Come back soon, I'll post captions and explainations
of the processes.
Question: Is there a 'better' name for these creations?
 Many people are put off by the term 'doll'.