Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My First Teaching Retreat: Spirit Dolls

Hello dear friends.... 
I'm just back from my first teaching retreat focused on the 
healing qualities of our Ancient Ancestors 
represented by the creation of our individual Spirit Dolls. 
What follows are about 50 pictures I haven't edited yet.
Come back soon, I'll post captions and explainations
of the processes.
Question: Is there a 'better' name for these creations?
 Many people are put off by the term 'doll'.


  1. Oh Chris, your students really made beautiful Spirit Dolls!
    Love them all. :)
    Do you sell the faces?
    I just added a Box Art Doll to my blog....maybe you can visit and leave a comment if you can.

  2. Very interesting spirit dolls! I wonder if using the name Spirit Figures or Spirit Totems might work? Looks like a lot of fun, no matter what they're called.

  3. Such fun to be able to see these! Makes me want to make one of my own....


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