Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two new Spirit Dolls...

"Spirit of Yosemite" began with a Manzanita branch supported by a piece of river washed pine, (both collected in Yosemite last week) secured with sinew. (The face you see was accidental. I always pick the face and let it give me direction.)

 Here she is. I got so involved, I forgot to take pictures of her stages. Her hair is moss picked off the North side of a tree in the Wawona area of Yosemite. Her face is paperclay on a river rocked collected in Yosemite Valley.  Her clothing is a collage of Thai silks and painted muslin, with a bit of dyed netting. Her breastplate and the two fern embellishments are made from paperclay that has been textured stamped and painted.  She is supported by a dowel placed into a vintage textile bobbin which has been secured in a terracotta base, textured and painted.
 A close up of the textured terracotta base.
 Medicine Spirit is comprised mostly of mosses supported by redwood branches and a flexible florist wire. The breastplate is supported on a necklace strung with vintage beads and African trading beads. The Medicine Bay is made from upcycled leather (unknown species) perfect to place your prayers in. Clothes are made from hand painted muslin and Thai silks.  Arms are flexible and can be repositioned.
 Here are two more bases on the drying table.
 Bases are textured stamped in a primitive fashion.
I'm hoping to turn this meditative process into a workshop. Any comments or suggestions are so greatly appreciated! Thank you and Namaste. Sweet Blessings. xoxo


  1. Thank you for showing how you use the wooden bobbins as a base - what a great way to use them. I'm still in awe of your rock/clay faces!

  2. Hi Chris,

    Sorry that I haven't visited your blog in awhile but here I am! :)
    First of all Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary. Hope you had a lovely time away.
    I love your Spirit doll. Love the faces that you have made too.
    Wow your husband is a very talented Artist!
    Hugs and I just added a Bon Voyage doll to my blog if you would like to see her and please leave a comment. Soon more dolls to follow. :)


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