Sunday, September 28, 2014

Busy Weekend Blessed by Goddesses!

Here are a few of the beauties that came to me this Weekend. Soon to be listed on Etsy.

This ancient Crone... turned out a bit blurry in the photo... but she is the keeper of much wisdom!
 I found some amazing vintage netting to adorn her grey locks... you can't quite make out her wisdom book and her sacred pouch.

 How do you like the character and image of her face... she seems to speak such wisdom!
 She is mounted on a beautiful wooden block made by a 98 year old man.
 Here is her Sacred pouch... perfect to stow away sacred stones, crystals, or charms.
 And here is her Wisdom book, all blank for you to jot your words of wisdom. Button is the Choku Rei Reiki symbol of oneness.
 and from the back...
 Again... sort of a blurry picture.  This is "Too Muchness"... I've yet to come to her 'real' name... but she represents all of us who have been labeled 'too much'.
 I love her raving red hair. She has a fabulous vintage netting cascading over her hair. Note the 'too much' layers of beaded necklace. Her breast plate depicts her sacred bosoms, and hieroglyphics of ancient lore.

 Many steamers of Sari Silks flow from her extended arms.

 She has such a wistful gaze... dreaming of possibilities!
 Closeup of her prayer stick. You can't quite make out the Selenite crystal energizing the prayer stick.
 And from the back, you can see the multi-fabric of her tunic.

 And here is the Ancient Crone.... her face is made from an Apple! (Apple dolls are a craft of the past..) I love her crinkles and wrinkles!
 Her necklace is strung beads with some sort of claw wrapped in Native American braid.
 A side view of her prayer staff and cascading feathered headdress.

 Another close up... her face looks so real!
 And from the back.  She is mounted on a thick chunk of driftwood collected near Klamath, CA.
I'd love to hear your feedback... what you liked, suggestion for names? Thanks so much,
Sweet Blessings, Chris
PS These will be soon listed on my Etsy site.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Getting ready for the workshop! And kind of a tutorial.

Hello friends... I'm getting excited. In one month I'll be in Birch Bay, Washington, teaching a Spirit Doll Workshop! So, today, I am prepping by making some faces, for both Spirit Dolls and for Prayer Sticks. Several of my Etsy customers asked how I get the finishes on these faces. So I'm showing the process. I created all of these this morning, and once they were cooled, I painted them this afternoon.

Here are three 'batches' made this morning. Using polymer clay and many of my molds, each batch spent about 30 minutes being heat treated.
 These smaller faces are for smaller Spirit or Prayer Dolls, and for prayer sticks.
 After they've cooled, each one gets a bath in a greenish black acrylic paint. This will seep into the cracks, and when they are painted the black cracks or deep indents will make for an aged look.
 Next, a coat of Golden's Violet Oxide. This also blends into the aged cracks and crannies.

 I love my Inka Gold glazes. This is a new (to me) copper color  the postman delivered just today.
 And, I love my Stewart Gild paints too! Here is just the first of many color glazes.
 A bit of blue gives a cool, more color balanced effect.
 some purple, green, and more copper.
 The silver colored Inka Gold lightens the faces.
  Another glaze finish, Steward Gill's Alchemy, gives a rich, iridescent shimmer.
And now I'll stop. When I am actually creating a Spirit Doll, I will often highlight the face with the featured color of the Doll's clothing and/or adornments.

So, I hope you enjoyed seeing 'the process'... hopefully you will be inspired! AND, if you are in the Bellingham, Seattle, or Birch Bay area of Washington, PLEASE join our fun play dates! (the cost is very cheap!)
Sweet Blessings, Chris
PS I love to travel! If you'd like to host a small Spirit Doll workshop, leave a comment, or email me!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I got Lost!

Every Fall I usually create covered journals, either paste paper or fabric/lace covered. As I was creating with my stash of laces and fabulous recycled designer samples... something drew me to working with my Spirit Doll adornments, beads, and feathers. And these are what developed!
 Back side....

 Each one has a coordinating pocket on the inside front cover.

 And here are a few of the lace and Designer fabric ones....