Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Getting ready for the workshop! And kind of a tutorial.

Hello friends... I'm getting excited. In one month I'll be in Birch Bay, Washington, teaching a Spirit Doll Workshop! So, today, I am prepping by making some faces, for both Spirit Dolls and for Prayer Sticks. Several of my Etsy customers asked how I get the finishes on these faces. So I'm showing the process. I created all of these this morning, and once they were cooled, I painted them this afternoon.

Here are three 'batches' made this morning. Using polymer clay and many of my molds, each batch spent about 30 minutes being heat treated.
 These smaller faces are for smaller Spirit or Prayer Dolls, and for prayer sticks.
 After they've cooled, each one gets a bath in a greenish black acrylic paint. This will seep into the cracks, and when they are painted the black cracks or deep indents will make for an aged look.
 Next, a coat of Golden's Violet Oxide. This also blends into the aged cracks and crannies.

 I love my Inka Gold glazes. This is a new (to me) copper color  the postman delivered just today.
 And, I love my Stewart Gild paints too! Here is just the first of many color glazes.
 A bit of blue gives a cool, more color balanced effect.
 some purple, green, and more copper.
 The silver colored Inka Gold lightens the faces.
  Another glaze finish, Steward Gill's Alchemy, gives a rich, iridescent shimmer.
And now I'll stop. When I am actually creating a Spirit Doll, I will often highlight the face with the featured color of the Doll's clothing and/or adornments.

So, I hope you enjoyed seeing 'the process'... hopefully you will be inspired! AND, if you are in the Bellingham, Seattle, or Birch Bay area of Washington, PLEASE join our fun play dates! (the cost is very cheap!)
Sweet Blessings, Chris
PS I love to travel! If you'd like to host a small Spirit Doll workshop, leave a comment, or email me!

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