Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my journals, process journals, gratitude journal, inspiration journal, water color travel journal, faces journal, and now I'm delving into my large SKETCHBOOK journal. I've had this one for a year or so, and have only done some mandalas and zen doodling. Big 10x12' pages are scarey.  
 Here's just a few... upper left is my Inspiration Journal, I make notes about the stories I'm writing; next is my Writing Practice journal that i write the most in (especially love the new practice of writing in different coffee shops. Kinda like Morning Pages, just at any time of the day.); next, spread wide open is the new SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE journal; Faces journal and Travel journals are on the bottom.

The SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE prompt for January is "HIGHLY PRIZED"... so I've decided to let go and allow myself to play.  What I HIGHLY PRIZE are all the techniques I've learned in the last year from some amazing artists who share themselves on line.   

MYSTEL is the inspration my first layout. She taught me GUT ART... finding the story in the layers of paint and collage. 

So, I started this by dripping colors on the pages then smooshing them around with my extra room key (like a credit card). All the little houses just seem to show up, as did the greenery in the upper right.  

But I really didn't like it much and was upset for having ruined two pages in my journal!  So I gessoed in two circles, huge white blogs... and really got upset with myself. Put it away for a day or two.

Then yesterday, I got brave and let go of perfection.  The boarders, these two ladies, the flowers, lettering, etc. just followed. I'm happy now. It just feels good to look at it. I'm grateful for Mystel's wonderful guidance!

Yippee... Today I start a new spread!


  1. aiii! that's so cool! thank you for encouraging me today! mwah!

  2. i had to come back to tell you that your color and scenes are so electric. they capture the eye! keep doin your thing!

  3. These ladies are fabulous. your colors are so intense & beautiful.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog and the encouragment to 'work it out' & 'journal it out' using 'Refuse to Choose'. Loving the book so much.

    Have you always been artistic, because your work is stunning?


  4. Oh my goodness, how sweet Pam. Thank you! I was really put down for my art work as a child. I didn't start painting till I was in my forties. Now, at 64 I'm letting myself go free! Join me???
    Sweet blessings, Chris


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