Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mental and emotional debris

I like today's Daily Word..... here's part of it.

Let Go, Let God
I am a powerful expression of good. My life is fulfilling and fun.
As I turn within, I give my full attention to the love and light of God. In the silence,
I affirm: I let go and let God.
This affirmation is a powerful tool for clearing away mental and emotional debris. I allow myself to take time to be fully in the moment with this release so that it becomes a freeing experience for me.

And who doesn't have mental and emotional debris! I used to blame it on my Irish ancestors (and being Catholic)... but I now know that it's a universal issue. Sometimes it can really pile up... and I learned how to be a good brooder! time to let that disfunction go... and I like this:

God seems to give us the messages we need, as we need them. We just have to listen, or be willing to listen!

So, just for today, I am going to LET GO AND LET GOD be God in my life!.... one day at a time!

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