Monday, May 20, 2013

A sneak peek into the new studio....

Good morning dear friends. 
Welcome to a sneak peek into my new combo studio.
Combo, because I combined my tiny paper crafting studio 
with my tiny sewing studio.
Even though this space is not as large as the other two if they were connected,
Everything I'll need is in an arm's reach!
As you see these preliminary pictures
Remember, it's only about 2/3 complete.
(Meaning I've got loads of stuff to still incorporate.)

This first view is from the door.
 I'll be covering the windows with lace since the view isn't so hot.
 Along the back wall, my "lace station" and the antique music cabinet where I've just stashed a few items before finding their proper home.
 We're blocking out a North facing window here. I love the turquoise book shelf. The white cabinet is a 1950's kitchen cabinet I purchased at my shop (from on of the other dealers). I'm so excited to fill it with my treasures!
 This will be the main workstation. Great storage in the corner with the Ikea cabinet. Great light!
 And to the right, will be my sewing station.
 And here are a couple close-ups of my lace station. I think this is where I've spent most of my time so far. Pressing those beautiful antique laces and hanging them on an antique towel dryer.
The swivel arms of the towel dryer is PERFECT for hanging laces. 
The cake plate stand is perfect for my round doilies too.
 And, if I get bored....
Here are my Redwood Muses! A vision right outside my window!
 Well, thanks for stopping by today!
Much love, Chris

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  1. Fabulous! Love how your room is coming out. Not sure what I love the most - the turquoise cabinet or all your beautiful lace!

    Happy Summer!


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