Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mornings with Molly

Ok... I'm officially over the top. I created Molly's own BLOG. After all, this is my blog, supposedly full of my writings, art work and general musings. Maybe I'm obsessing too much on her... but she's so darn adorable!

Here's only one more picture (on this blog), you can check her DAILY POSTINGS HERE.

Here she is a few minutes ago, morning play time on my bed....

And, here she is now, napping sweet dreams, while I write in my journal and catch up on my blogging. I am so grateful for such a rich life and simple pleasures!
Do you think I'm crazy for creating her own blog?
Also, I'm creating a new look for this blog. Haven't got it all figured out yet. What do you think? 

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