Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1 - 30 Day Blogging Committment

Ok! I'm going to commit to blogging every day this month. School is almost over, two more presentations: one today, a reading from my memoir class portfolio, then Friday I have to submit my special projects portfolio for my watercolor class.

Here's a look at all three from just one of my Yosemite studies. Here, I'm doing Half Dome in several styles. I decided I liked the path leading into the painting. Still not happy with either one though.

I'd really appreciate any comments. Which do you like best? why?

 Here is one view where I tried to break up the path more, plus use color-drop technique for most of it. I'm not happy with the way the blue sky hugs the horizon. I painted this from a picture of a really amazing setting sun. This is looking east, where the sun shines on Half Dome right at sunset. I lightened up the foreground too much though.
 This one, I actually did first, making the foreground darker.
 Then, since I need three versions for each study... I painted this yesterday, using a "tree-scape" I painted before. The light here also shows the reflection of the setting sun.
More tomorrow!
Namaste and Sweet Blessings

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