Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Lazy Sunday, Day 12

Wow... greatest of intentions. I was going to paint all day. WAS. Instead we moved some front porch furniture, mainly my porch swing, and created a planting bench. I was going to say it was a do-nothing day... but playing in my garden was something!

Originally, I bought this metal rack to display quilts at quilt shows... now it's 're-purposed' and works great as a garden bench.
 Some of the succulents I potted....

 A "Chinese Bell" potted today...
 Does our porch look too gaudy? It's my favorite room of the house!
 I love the moss growing on our bricks..
 My cottage garden has grown wild.... I love it!

 We had to put a little fence around my Quan Yin garden.... Molly and Lulu loved to wrestle there! Everything will come back though, just not the pups!

 I don't remember ever planting this. I think it's called a Dollar Plant?

So, it really has been a relaxing, art-filled day! Nature's art.
Sweet Blessings


  1. I love your porch, Chris. It looks like a great place to just sit and watch the world go by!

  2. How lovely to be surrounded by nature. I've never seen a dollar plant - how unique. Your favorite room of your cottage looks so inviting.

  3. I love your little warm and inviting. I just wanna sit on your porch and visit.

  4. Oh I love the idea of a porch! It is such a beautiful place to enjoy life outside.
    But we don't have enough sun and light over here in the Netherlands to have one.

    I think that the Dollar Plant is called here in the Netherlands 'Judas Penning' something like Judas' shilling.


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