Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ahhh... no more classes - a day at the beach!

I'm finally calming down. School, classes, assignments, portfolios... a thing of the past. Today I headed to my favorite beach spots, just to sit, meditate, and do some simple art journaling.

 This is the mighty view from my comfortable seat in my van... surprise! I get good internet reception here! (Not that I use it!)

 Then, I got rousted! You now need a permit to park in this area on a weekend day. A year's pass is only $30, but you only need the permit on the weekend. Crazy! So I relocated to my favorite, BEST EVER parking spot on the Wharf.... What a view! Feels just like I'm on a cruise ship! (This is in Santa Cruz, by the way)

So, I ordered the clam chowder, and fiddled around with these two Art Journal pages:


  1. What a view! Love your free-flowing pages and watercolor flowers!


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