Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2 of 30 Last series for my watercolor class

Well, it was chilly outside, and Molly was a sleepy puppy, so I had lots of time to work on finishing my portfolio for my watercolor class tomorrow. It's our last day, and it's been a fabulous class. WONDERFUL women, and a few men, have made this an amazing class. I will post pictures from our grand finale critique tomorrow.

Here's what I accomplished today....

I actually went back in and changed this a bit. I like the color on the third painting, so I darkened this up, plus finished the sign. (I'll try to remember to post the finish one tomorrow.) (Oh, this is my antique shop in Boulder Creek.)
 Then I did a closeup of just our door....
 I like the richness of the color in this one, plus, the trees look better too. But I like the angle of the first one, rather than the straight on view.

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