Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday June 11 Yosemite Watercolor Sketchbook

I just love using up the pages in this sketchbook.
I put on some finishing touches to this valley view that we did on site with Geri on Tuesday.

 Then today I played around with sketching some rocks. Still have some to learn, Practice makes perfect... well maybe not perfect, but practice brings improvement! So here are some of today's rocks and a tree, just to fill up the page.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I've always wanted to visit Yosemite. I only live a few hours away, but still haven't gotten out there. I should try to go this summer.
    Thank you for posting a link to my book giveaway and good luck!

  2. Oh, these drawings are so beautiful! Do you use pencil to sketch? Or is this a thin marker?


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