Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Madonna... Early Stages

Good morning and happy Solstice. It's hot. Hooray, summer finally arrived! I've been working on my Black Madonna this week. Shilo's class HERE is fabulous! I'm taking this nice and slow, sacred step at a time. My canvas is huge: 30x40", the biggest I've ever worked on. I started by writing a prayer on the blank canvas, then covered that up with black gesso, then several drippy glazes of aqua blue, deep blue, and red, spraying water constantly to get a drippy, melded look. I love how the light aqua showed through.

Then I meditated again and, while I did have several sketches of what I wanted.... something about the shadow on the canvas revealed the Sacred Madonna. I usually paint when the sun is behind the three huge Redwoods, these pictures were taken afterwards.

Wow... for what ever reason, the pictures wont load today. Bummer. I'll try again later.

Sweet Blessings, Chris

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