Friday, June 24, 2011

Pictures of my Yosemite Sketch Book

Here's a few pictures of the Sketchbook I created for my Yosemite trips.
The cover is a collage, using some beautiful papers as the background for a print of an acrylic painting I did of Yosemite, Tunnel View, last year. I love photoshop... I added a pic of me peering over the valley. Added a few collaged rocks and flowers. A coat of varnish makes it sturdy. The front and back covers start with a heavy cardboard/matboard with the paper collaged on.

 Here's the inside and a few sketches....


 And here is the back cover with more of my original art collaged on.

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  1. Just stopping by after founding your blog on the Art Journal group of Yahoo.
    Love the way you can do water colour! I certainly need more practice to get as good as the paintings here... :-)


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