Saturday, September 3, 2011

Holiday Weekend Prayer Book Completions.....

Well, it seems as though no one is looking at blogs... everyone is having a holiday weekend. Well, we are going to barbeque hamburgers, but Hubby and I are busy playing with our ART!  I've just finished two things I'm really proud of. What follows is my "Chunky Prayer Book" I've titled "TURNING IT OVER".  Please enjoy the pages. There are many, many pockets and tuck spots, and over 45 journaling tags! This was totally a work of love, prayer, and thanksgiving. (oh! and would you believe! This is called "Green Craft" because it is made out of recycled toilet paper rolls!!!)

Now on sale in my Etsy Shop! 

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Sweet Blessings on this Holiday Weekend.


  1. I'm captivated with the beautiful work you've done here. Such incredible details, lovely lettering, and a joy in creation that is evident throughout all of it.

  2. Love it!! I want it!! I think any friend that believes in the power of prayer would be lucky to have and would love to have it.


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