Friday, September 2, 2011

"What would you do with my stuff?" CHALLENGE!

Trisha over at Easily Amused, Hard to Offend hosted an interesting challenge. She sent me an envelope full of stuff from her studio, just to see what I'd do with it. I think there was at least 10 of us that took up her challenge. What FUN! Here's what I made from her stuff:

I made a library pocket out of the piece of heavy cardstock she sent, First I embossed it, then cut a square picture frame. I used recycled plastic for the "glass" of the frame. You can see the little star filled with some of the bling she sent in a tiny envelope.  The dragonfly is die cut from a piece of shiny stuff she sent. At first it wouldn't cut, but then it did, after putting a backing on it. More bling on the dragonfly.
Here is the back side, with several tags hanging. I'm big on journal tags, so you can write on the backs. (You'll see later.) This is the flower picture she sent. (almost forgot to include it!) Oh, and you can just see one of the tickets she sent, turned inside out and die cut to be a little tag pull. (Sorry, Trisha, the only item I just couldn't find a place for was the bright orange ticket!) Other wise, I think I used every thing!
 So, here are the tags that fill the pocket. The picture of the girl was one that Trish sent, the papers, I designed, including Bible paper collaged to cardstock tag. The ribbons are mine, vintage silk.

The back side of the tag bundle...

 So, there you have it Trisha! Thanks for a FUN FUN challenge!! Feel free to check out Trisha's blog. She's very talented and lots of fun!!!


  1. Hey, Chris! Here's the link to the results of this challenge:

    Thank you again for playing along!


  2. What a wonderful project- so many cool elements- love the dragonfly and the star with the bling- and the tags. Awesome!

  3. These are awesome, love what you did with the crinkle paper on the dragonfly! Love how we all look so different using the same stuff. This was a lot of fun! ~Diane


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