Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ART IS YOU - Petaluma!

 Well, I'm here. Classes start tomorrow. I'm volunteering to help out for the day, then my classes are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We were asked to contribute to the prizes for the raffles, so these are my contributions.
I made another little prayer book, this time calling it "Thankful Thinking"... I really like that name. It seems to imply action. Here are the pictures of it. Includes over 40 little journal tags.

 Also contributing one of my "Tattered Prayers" album/notebook.
 And finally, a large art journal made from an old art book. Pages are 100lb cardstock, nice for drawing, light washes, journaling, etc.


  1. What a lovely prayer book! THAT is what I needed to win!

    Crafting by Candlelight

  2. Which binding machine do you use on the book covers? Like the big art book cover? Love your little prayer books. Lori W at Art Camp for Women


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